Cart Witnessing On Their Wedding Day

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  • carla

    The groom looks absolutely thrilled.

  • sir82

    Were they really working the cart, or did they just happen to drop by for a photo op?

  • steve2

    "Were they really working the cart, or did they just happen to drop by for a photo op?"

    Cheaper than Niagara.

  • Finkelstein

    I've known a few couples who went out in service just before their wedding day when it was rumored they were sexing it up before they were married , kind of a way to show righteous virtue.

    ......but shush don't tell anyone.

  • longgone

    I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't even their idea. They were probably pressured to do this by "the friends."

  • joe134cd

    I think she is hot. I'd certainly be great full if I was him.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    A colorful example of FORESHADOWING -

    The cult will come between these two for the rest of their days.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I'm guessing they were having their photos taken in the park just adjacent to where this cart was and some uber JW (probably the brides Mother) though it would be cute to get a shot by the literature cart to show all her friends.

    The Bride looks as if she's only putting up with it to avoid making a scene and he looks like a bit of a schlub who's hoping the whole thing is over before one of his mates from work sees him.

    I remember being at a wedding one Saturday where the Presiding Overseer ran after the bride and groom and flagged them down as they were driving away to leave for their honeymoon. A bunch of us were standing nearby and heard him tell them that there was going to be a really good talk Sunday and he thought it would be a good idea for them to attend. The bride hooted with laughter rolled up her window in his face and the pair of them drove off.

    It was classic !

  • zeb

    comment on blondie.

    I recall a (very) young couple married on the Saturday who came off their honeymoon because they had parts on Thursday meeting.

  • Chook

    They look proud of the corporation trolley. Its a shame they don't fully comprehend that the publishing company has destroyed thousands of marriages based on misinformation on careers , having children, they broke up Marriages with rules on oral sex. Baptism of children is its greatest CRIME. My mind and life have needed big readjustments , I hate what the church has done to its kids. The tears of those dead due to suicide after disfellowshipping ,can bee seen in Gods eye.

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