Brothers Saying PIMO Things In Talks

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  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    @Anders Andersen:

    I see your point, but the second brother I mentioned sounded like he had just read a top ten list of signs that you might be in a cult. We all know that a common trait with cults is "black and white" thinking. The fact that he specifically used that phrase says a lot.

  • DomineIvimus-DI

    Half Banana - maybe need some sort of special handshake, like the Freemasons?

    Sorry, inappropriate? 😀

  • iwantoutnow

    I said many of those things in talks when I was still and Elder and a PIMO!!!!

  • slimboyfat

    I don’t see anything in those comments that a 100% JW believer could not say.

    We might consider that JWs don’t really believe that men and women are equal, for example, but a JW true believer somehow thinks JW teaching is compatible with equality. They really believe that. These speakers may or may not have doubts about Watchtower, but I don’t think these comments in themselves are evidence.

  • Ronin

    I am Pimo and still serving as a Elder. I have also heard the phrases of looking at other people as my future brother/sister. Seems there is a lot of PIMOs

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Ronin

    Just curious...

    As a current elder, are you not concerned that you might be recognized by your picture or is that not you?

  • LV101

    APOSNT - the term, "black and white" thinking was thrown around yrs ago by an elder's wife re/some elders. However, I agree and things said seem different from the dark ages.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    I think it would be so useful if all PIMOs deliberately give off PIMO vibes to alert other doubters in the congregations. How though could you do this to signal only to other doubters?

    Maybe it could involve this song:

    This could be the PIMO anthem.

    Just walk up to someone you think might be PIMO and start talking about music.

    "Yeah I really like that one song that goes like..."

    See how they respond.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    An anthem, that's good.

    How about a tie pin? not many wear ties these days let alone a tie pin.

    A very small lapel badge or even a sticker somewhere with an eagle on it. Of course representing clear vision, power and renewal.

    Sisters could use a sleeping beauty reference to indicate the awakened state or an owl brooch, symbol of the Goddess Athena meaning wisdom.

    All PIMOs could all use non NWT Bibles. Of course purely for the purpose of knowing what church goers are used to hearing and therefore useful in the field service.

    A pinkie ring with the flat piece inwards.

    Navy coloured shoes for males or blue tights for sisters . Blue stockings having a reference to literary minded or intellectual women.

    Any more ideas?

    The object though is to have something which would intuitively connect PIMOs, the game is lost if PIMIs understood what was going on.

  • iwantoutnow


    I am Pimo and still serving as a Elder. I have also heard the phrases of looking at other people as my future brother/sister. Seems there is a lot of PIMOs

    I know, when I was an PIMO elder it was all about helping the friends think about love, and compassion, and that everyone should live by THEIR conscience, and not impose theirs on others.

    I has a really good reaction from most, but there were a few who did not like that, who wanted to only have fear and a hardline approach.

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