Brothers Saying PIMO Things In Talks

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  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    I've been paying very close attention to talks ever since waking up. I probably pay more attention now than I ever did while I was sleeping. Anyway, I think there are a lot of brothers who are awake, and they try their best to go against the grain while up on that stage. Here are a few examples. These won't be direct quotes, but I'll just give the gist of what was said:

    1.) Brothers, we must guard against viewing women as inferior to men. Men and women may be different, but we are also equal. Keep in mind that Jesus did not hold a negative, misogynistic view towards women. He treated them with love and respect, and we must do the same.

    2.) We need to learn to look on the bright side. Do you have the tendency to view everything in black or white? Hot or cold? Good or evil? We all view our brothers and sisters as good people because they love Jehovah. But what about people who are not yet serving Jehovah? Do we view them as bad or evil? Why not look on the bright side? Instead of saying, "That person is bad!" Why not say, "That person could be my future brother or sister,"?

    (This last brother I'll mention is my favorite. He can actually deliver an outline in such a way that you aren't contemplating suicide the entire time.)

    3.) Do you remember the Pharisees? They burdened the people with excessive rules and regulations. They had a rule for everything. Not so with Jesus. His rule was the law of love. He was not a harsh, unmerciful religious leader. He was not obsessed with rules and laws. He was not legalistic, and surely he would not be pleased with those who judge others harshly. The Bible tells us not to judge, so that we may not be judged. So we have no business looking down on others, judging them as if we ourselves are without sin.

    (End of Paraphrases)

    If the brothers that expressed those thoughts are not yet PIMO, then they definitely have the right mindset to become PIMO one day. Those thoughts are a direct contradiction to what we usually hear. When they were speaking, I would just look around the room to see if anyone was getting it. I would say that some people were, but the majority of them were in a brainwashed trance.

    P.S.: The third brother I mentioned also said something about looking into the teachings to see if they really are true. He invited everyone listening to do this. He didn't just say something like, "Stick with what the Governing Body authorizes." It was very interesting.

  • LV101

    Hahahahaha -- I like your reference about "while I was sleeping" and not "contemplating suicide the entire time."

    Those talks don't sound like the cult's normal -- are you sure they're not trying to sneak in some lines to look appealing or like a normal, mainstream, safe, religion. No, that wouldn't be possible. Maybe the cancellation of a few big venues has them concerned - nothing seems to work or help them nor do they care to be user friendly.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    are you sure they're not trying to sneak in some lines to look appealing or like a normal, mainstream, safe, religion.

    I thought about that. Either those thoughts originated with the speakers, or they were just reading from the outline.

  • Lobsto
    Your first point reminded me a little bit of what I heard in a talk today. The speaker said that even though sisters can't hold the same responsibilities as brothers, they still will be treated equally as the anointed. That there are no distinctions among the 144,000, that all are equal there. I don't think he was PIMO. He probably just wanted to calm down those who wanted sisters to have equal footing. It was a funny point though; after all, if sisters can hold what's considered the highest possible office in Christ's government, why can't they hold a goddamn mic?
  • zeb

    ... and his cong will be on the short list tobe sold off..

  • Phizzy

    When I first woke up I slipped a number of things in to answers, one I remember doing was the Orgs involvement in the U.N as a N.G.O

    The Bro taking the Meeting looked a bit worried by my words, but could really say nothing as he obviously had no idea about the scandal, so could not gainsay my comment.

    I do hope these Speakers are PIMO, and will soon leave, part of my motive for still attending about a year after I woke up was the desire to help others do so, without success it seems.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    These brothers are probably not pimo at all. They are just very good at compartmentalizing different (contradictory) beliefs, and/or their statements are true but need to be seem in context.

    1) 99.99% of JW women are not inferior to men. 'Weaker vessel' means 'more precious, like expensive porcelain', not 'breaks easier and is thus worth less' in JW speak. To JW this view is 100% compatible with the belief that only men should lead, are head of their wife, and women must be in submission. The statement made in the talk doesn't deviate from JW doctrine.

    2) Same. They have to see everyone as a potential JW so they will try to recruit them. Believing some people are just bad would make them not preach to that person. At the same time 'the world' is seen as bad, and again these ideas are wholly compatible with each other in JW land.

    3) Again: individual JW should not be judging. They shouldn't judge elders or other overlords. Don't judge. Elders shouldn't make rules that Watchtower hasn't cooked up themselves because that would be pharasaic. However elders judging people, and Watchtower coming up with all kinds of strange rules is A-OK because somehow the 'don't judge' thing doesn't apply to them.

    One doesn't need to be pimo to have some decent ideas in a talk. Half of what JW believe is good and uplifting and positive. The other half sucks though.

  • Vidiot
    Phizzy - "...The bro taking the meeting looked a bit worried by my words, but could really say nothing..."

    When I first started my fade, I'd have fun like that, too. :smirk:

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    99.99% of JW women are not inferior to men.

    Oops. That should read:

    99.99% of JW believe women are not inferior to men.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I think it would be so useful if all PIMOs deliberately give off PIMO vibes to alert other doubters in the congregations. How though could you do this to signal only to other doubters?

    The problem is that if you were to admit to doubts about the GB being God's channel -- even privately-- you would immediately come under suspicion and be marked as a wayward JW.

    There are probably a million or more PIMOs worldwide-- but they can't easily connect and talk to one another. Perhaps giving talks in the manner described by the OP allows the PIMOs to approach the speaker and form a nucleus of resistance in each congregation if the conversation reveals deeper misgivings.

    Bethel readers of posts here on JW Discussion please take note: there is a growing fifth column in the ranks!

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