What is the monthly stipend that the bethelites receive every month?

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  • StephaneLaliberte
    What is the monthly stipend that the bethelites receive every month? Does any one has an actual number?
  • Londo111
    And can someone tell Johnny the Bethelite?
  • blondie
    I ask O’Malley, a former Catholic whose entire family became Witnesses when he was 10, if there were any objections at the planning stage; after all, not everyone wants Jehovah’s Witness Central in their back yard. “I think the council was happy that we were buying, clearing and developing the site,” he says.

    At Mill Hill, the centre and residences are spread over several smaller sites. The day starts with the study of the scripture set for the global JW membership, followed by the standard working day from 8am until 5pm. “Bethelites” are assigned jobs and given training where necessary, for which they receive a stipend of £100 a month, with all necessities provided


    (consider the source but it's this year)

  • magotan

    It's like $45. It's insulting and does absolutely nothing for such an expensive city like nyc

    Bethelites finance themselves from either savings, or parents/friends sending them money from home. Or they do work under the table. (Rare)

  • blondie
    It's more than $45, more like $100 in the mid 80's in the US
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    i understand they are supposed to notify the society ( GOD i hate that word ) if they receive other money
  • Absalom
    It was $110 in the States when I was there a little over 5 years ago.
  • StephaneLaliberte
    Oh my, I heard an active Canadian bethelite tell me he was getting around 200 dollars a month, so maybe he was actually exaggerating a bit. Perhaps he actually received 160$ and he rounded it up to 200$. Dam. 100£ ... that's nothing.
  • bradford
    Not much at all when they have to travel to meetings and service 3 days a week. Usually Bethelites have a cell phone paid for by a sponsor or family member. They eat well. Don't pay utilities or rent. Actually doesn't seem terrible in the JW world.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    From what I understand, the amount is based on the cost of a metro card (at least it is in NYC) which is about $120.

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