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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    And yes, the witnesses baptize convicted and suspected murderers. They have special assigned brothers who study with prisoners.

    Do you (or anyone else here) know anyone who's worked with convicts, especially convicted murderers?

    Years ago, I did a series of articles on capital punishment. One of that series involved interviewing people on death row. Coincidentally they were all innocent, even the guy who left church a few minutes early and shot and killed three people in front of almost the entire congregation! He'd been on death row for years and if I hadn't been familiar with his case, I think he might have convinced me. Anyway, nearly all of these guys had Bibles in their cells and read them...religiously. So I wonder if someone on death row could be baptized into the WTS?

    Another thing, if I understand JW doctrine correctly, can't someone repent at the time of resurrection? One of the publishers back in the 70s told me that all those who are alive at Armageddon will be able to choose between Satan and Jehovah -- and those who side with Jehovah will be saved. Based on what I've heard since leads me to think that's not entirely true. But if a murderer is executed, then comes forth in the resurrection, will he be saved if he's had a complete change of heart?

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    In Britain, there have been high profile killers (and more) baptised. Male and female. Here's one of them:

    If we'd had death penalty in this country though he'd not have been alive long enough to convert. As it is, he's planning his funeral inside.

    They've changed their ideas on Armageddon and what happens I believe. I think the current idea is that there's a certain point after which you're doomed and just get to listen to the JWs telling you that they told you so. But the finer detail of their current beliefs escapes me at times. A resurrected murderer would get a 1000 year panda hugging holiday in paradise just like your average JW, and then they get the final test. Which makes you wonder about the benefits of conversion and explains why the WBTS is so keen on always having the end arriving tomorrow.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I think journalism has gone to hell these days in that stories seem to be thrown together from various sources into a template of some kind. I may not be a JW, but if the man's religion is important enough to mention in the story and the headline, it begs the question of whether he was born a JW or converted, and if the latter when and why. If he was baptized after his killings, I think it would be a great story.

    The article also indicates that Sutcliffe believes he's on his last leg and isn't long for this world.

    What would really be ironic is that Armageddon comes and Sutcliffe is saved by Jehovah, while those 13 women he murdered are resurrected, then annihilated because they were worldly and weren't JWs! What a hoot that would be. BTW, you said they'd changed their views on Armageddon. How so?

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