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  • Jrjw

    A 'concerned' jw in my congregation rang me earlier and said she's noticed my daughter sits miserable at the meetings and said she's a right miserable girl In general. I said she's happy and hyper when she's not at the meetings they're just really boring and she doesn't want to be there. Apparently I'm a bad parent coz she feels that way. She said I Need to sort her out and make her interested. Gave me an example of a single mother she knows who prayed every day with her 3 kids and was out on ministry all the time with them and sang kingdom melodies at home witn them and did this and that and all 3 kids are now adults and all strong spiritual jws. I'm sat there on the phone rolling my eyes. Neither of us wants to be at the meetings lol I've done pretty well in avoiding them as much as possible coz of colds lately. This sister has constantly criticised me for the last 12 years, when I tried talking to her about it a while ago she said she's my big sis and someone has to boss me around and help improve my flaws. Did anyone else have any annoying people trying to correct them all the time and point out everything they're doing wrong instead of concentrating on themselves

  • Crazyguy

    Tell her to pound sand. Jesus says don’t judge don’t exalt yourself etc... Tell her to mind her own business, Jesus also said take the rafter out of your own eye before you pick on someone with a sliver in theirs!!!

  • EverApostate

    When Brother A annoyed me like this , for putting in less hours in FS, I sarcastically said "Look Brother A, I am sinful and imperfect as the Bible says and cant be as perfect and righteous as You"

    He got the message and was a little hurt too. I didn't care.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Jesus also said take the rafter out of your own eye before you pick on someone with a sliver in theirs!!! ~ CrazyGuy

    I like this!!!!

    Remember, you can say (almost) anything if you say it with a big smile! Plus, a big smile will make them wonder what you're up to!

    (Or, say anything about someone if you start the sentence with "Bless her heart, but. . . .")

  • carla

    Tell an elder or better yet, send a letter to NY that she is stumbling you and child due to her overbearing attitude and besides she is not an elder, why is she doing 'sheperding' calls? This will get her off your back permanently.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Jrjw, anyone that's the least bit kind, honest, conscientious and somewhat neurotic are easy pickings for the JW narcissist spiritual bullies, aka police. Things improved for me dramatically when I started putting my foot down and having my boundaries met. Personal space and boundaries are a foreign concept to many JW's. Look it up you'll be amazed. Not saying this is you Jrjw but a decade of someone trying to get the upper hand on you is quite enough. I went through same myself with the overbearing obese 'brother' I studied with. I switched congs. a year and a half later to get away from him only to have another group of fine specimens try the same move on me in the new location. Is just how JW's are trained, always looking for someone to push down on and criticize.

    PS : The fat brother is an Elvis fan, so roll over Beethoven !

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I still have my mum for that. Lol.

    Does this sister giving you "advice" have children of her own?

    I would give her a wide berth and not give out any personal information at all.

  • zeb

    Jrjw. Every cong has them members of the 'dragon-class' who bunk themselves up by running everyone else's lives.

    Ask he what as the three major item she remembers from the meeting in question. She wont be able to tell you. Its all about time an place e and being seen by everyone.

  • Jrjw

    No she doesn't have kids

  • stillin

    Maybe she should be paying more attention to the meetings than watching your family. Stalker alert!

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