Update on the $4000 day fine - Padron v Watchtower

by berrygerry 23 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • ToesUp

    I just love Karma!!!

    Thanks so much for the update!!!

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    I remember that all Congregation Elders were told to destroy all personal notes and evidence concerning anything to do with child abuse in the congregations, and nothing was to be left in the congregation files.
    What if the WTBTS actually destroyed their records as well?

    It would therefore by physically impossible for them to produce the list.

    Where would that put them from a legal point of view?

  • Gorbatchov

    They don’t have controle on theorie corporations? Liars!!!!

    Unbelievable criminals and maffia GB.


  • Crazyguy

    One would think the judges wouldn't even let them play the we don't have control of this corporation game. They must know that having mutipule corporations and shell companies are just for hiding things. If the legal system lets them get away with this then their telling the world their impotent

  • _Morpheus

    Great job being there, taking notes and reporting back :)

  • KiddingMe

    Thanks for the update!


    Great work !!

    Will the court records or transcripts be available at all ?

    Would be nice to have a copy.


  • cofty

    I agree with Flipper they are not spending a fortune to protect the mass of names on that list. I suspect there are names they must protect at any cost.

  • dubstepped

    That's Jehovah's loving organization for you, obfuscating and flip flopping while worshipping their God of money (or appearance). In a judicial committee they expect members to be graphic in detail of their personal matters but the organization hides in every way possible. They are disgusting hypocrites.

    The next time someone is pulled into a JC they should tell the elders that they have no control over the legal entity of their genitals and therefore they cannot give details. You'll have to ask my (insert genital here) because I cannot answer for it.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    coft: I suspect there are names they must protect at any cost.

    Me wonders how many "Harvey Weinstein" type perverts among past/present GB members, GB helper members, other elders and so on WT needs to keep hush...hush!

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