Post convention grumps..

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  • tiki

    Hope kittius kattius comes home safe and sound. My cat and prior ones are/were indoor ones....we abut conservation land that is home to coyote, bobcat....Fisher pets aren't particularly safe around here.

    As for the post convention blues.....sorry it's difficult. Why not plan a special treat....take her somewhere she something fun?

  • Xanthippe

    Oh sorry your partner is being so miserable Zeb. I hope your little cat comes home soon. I have a sixteen year old cat who's not very well so I never know what I will find when I come home from work.

  • blondie

    zeb, your wife must live an isolated, out-of-the loop of the congregation from the gossip mill in all congregations. That happens some time when mate is not a jw or not one not attending.

    Growing up, my father was not a jw (not until I was in my 20's and my parents were divorced).

    After I reached my late teens, I saw first hand and heard out in service the real status, not happy but miserable, of many jw families.

    I felt better after that knowing that I was not responsible for my family's problems and that being a "good" jw would never have fixed them.

    It may seem strange for me to say, but I hope she wakes up to the real lives of jw families for her own sake and also yours though that may make her unhappier.


  • zeb

    thank you all. This contact means a great deal.

    Hugs to you all.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Sorry bout' your cat...ours showed up after being gone for a week or so. Hope yours does too.

    I'm trying to think back to my days as JW and how I felt after the assemblies and here's what I think the possibilities are.

    • Assembly is over and it's back to reality which is not as fun as being in an imagined "spiritual paradise" mock Disneyland.
    • Assembly is over and I'm exhausted from sitting for so long and from hearing about all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing which seems like an impossibility.
    • Assembly is over and my life isn't as perfect as it's supposed to be and it's all your fault...if only you'd get over yourself and get with the program like everyone else is.
    • Assembly is over and being there just didn't fill the void I'm feeling lately. The whole things seems more and more like a hoax. It's your fault for making me see the holes in the logic that used to make me feel good.
  • Diogenesister


    I saw a programme once where some vets in the USA carry out charity work fixing up of sadly euthanising the terribly mangled victims of cats, mainly birds. Apparently millions of birds a year are killed by more and more especially feral cats.

    My cat is an indoor cat on the advice of our local vet since we live near main roads. Your cat net thing sounds fantastic. We are lucky and have this kind of outdoor roof garden for our cat. Which is just as well since he’s a holy terror. A baby bird flew in to my bedroom window the other day and luckily landed on me briefly waking me up and I as able to wrestle the cat out of my room whilst my husband set the bird free. It was a damn close call and that bird was nearly a goner.

    I love cats but boy they do some damage to wildlife especially in New Zealand and places they were not native to.

    Zeb As to post convention blues, well I’d get sad in the past but it’s not very Christian to take it out on others imho. Is there no way of distracting her by going to some nice very unjw places such as museums etc?

  • zeb


    Afraid not. She is always "too busy" doing wt stuff notes, reading.

    If we do go anywhere its silence, no comments on the beautiful scenery, idiots on the road or anything at all.

  • stillin

    Wow, Zeb. I'm jealous. My wife turns the car radio off, always, so that she can inform me non-stop what a lousy everything I am. Silence would be wonderful.

  • zeb

    Well thats how it is. Thanks to all of you.

    Live long prosper in wisdom health and love.

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