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  • Pinky

    What questions do the elders ask you when you are in your meeting requesting to get reinstated ?

  • fastJehu

    Before they ask anything at all, they tell you that you must write to the elders about your request for reinstatement.

  • ldrnomo

    They ask these things:

    Have you fully repented from your sinful ways?

    Did you ask Jehovah for forgiveness?

    Do you pray regularly?

    If your sin affected others did you apologize to them?

    Do you study regularly?

    Do you witness to others about Jehovah?

    These questions will give you some general ideas.


    Organized to Do Jehovah’s Will p. 143-144


    34 A disfellowshipped person or one who has disassociated himself from the congregation may be reinstated when he gives clear evidence of repentance and over a reasonable period of time demonstrates that he has abandoned his sinful course. He shows that he is desirous of having a good relationship with Jehovah. The elders are careful to allow sufficient time​—many months, a year, or even longer, depending on the circumstances—​for the disfellowshipped person to prove that his repentance is genuine. When the body of elders receives a written plea for reinstatement, the original judicial committee, if practical, should speak with the individual. The committee will evaluate the evidence of “works that befit repentance” on his part and decide whether to reinstate him at that time or not.​—Acts 26:20.

    35 If the person requesting reinstatement was disfellowshipped from another congregation, a local judicial committee should meet with the person and consider the plea. Thereafter, the local judicial committee will communicate with the body of elders of the congregation that disfellowshipped the individual, giving them their recommendation. The involved committees will work together to make sure that all the facts are gathered to arrive at a just decision. However, the decision to reinstate is made by the original judicial committee. If some members of the original committee are no longer in the congregation or are not qualified to serve, other elders from the original congregation may be chosen to replace them.

  • floridaborn

    Wonder how those guidelines will work now with all these congregations being dissolved

  • Finkelstein

    Another one is ...... do you accept the GB members or FDSL has god's solemnly chosen ones which he passes his holy spirit through toward his earthly arrangement ?

    Why the hell would anyone with a sound mind and intelligence want to reinstate themselves in this criminally harmful, lying corrupt organization made by corrupt power seeking men ?

    Especially in view of all the information available and offered about this publishing religious cult

  • Pinky

    Floridaborn what do you mean

  • scruffmcbuff

    Wonder how it would work with me then. My old congregation dosent have a single brother that was there when I got disfellowshiped.

  • john.prestor

    What floridaborn is getting at Pinky is this: to get reinstated you need the Elders who disfellowshipped you to reinstate you, you can't go to another Body of Elders at another congregation or even different Elders at your same congregation, it's gotta be the committee that threw you out to begin with. So if the Elders who disfellowshipped you don't serve as Elders anymore because the organization dissolved their congregation or sold their hall, what do you do?

  • dubstepped
    May I ask why you want to go back? Or is this not about you?

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