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  • everbrighterhal

    Thank you everyone! Looking to start back to school soon for an RN program, so I will be able to help people in a real way as opposed to handing them stacks of literature... I'm working full time, but I've noticed I've always been the subservient employee and I'm ready to break free of that as well. Even now as a manager, it has been tricky to be the one to make the decisions! Growing, but there are still things to overcome. I registered to vote last year, but I didnt end up voting.

    The paintings are on facebook. I am listed under Hal Artlife. I've been trying to change to my real name, but am not social media savvy and can't figure out how to do that. This site wasn't the only one I was paranoid about, Ha.

    Thank you for the tips! I'm going to check that site out. Can't wait to finally go to a party not labelled a get together, not that I'm trying to get too crazy. I am still very tame. I still believe in upholding some basic moral code. Anyway.... Thanks again. It Is so great to finally feel accepted.

    Just read Leah Reminis memoir on Scientology and while it is different, it is so relatable.

    This is unrelated to anything, but can anyone please tell me what song I'm trying to remember from the brown sing praises to Jah? I keep hearing Hark, the Herald Angels Sing with the Xmas music and there is a kingdom melody that sounds so similar. I want to say it said something about our God Jehovah and Christ the king...not helpful at all.. I can't remember the name but I hear it in my head..and for some reason I remember it sounding so similar.

  • LisaRose

    Welcome, thank you for sharing your story, glad you are moving on in your life.

    I found it was fairly easy to realize that the Watchtower wasn't the truth and most of what they taught were simply opinions, what was harder was rooting out the deeply ingrained guilt about everything. Somehow the idea that I need to be perfect in everything was really hard to get rid of, It was so deeply ingrained in a subconscious level. I found meditation to be helpful for that, also for freeing myself up creatively. I am more artisan that artist, but greatly enjoy the creative process ( I have a small business making vintage style signs out of reclaimed wood). If you haven't tried meditation, I like the guided meditations by The Honest Guys on You tube to be very helpful.

    It's funny how those stupid Kindom Maladies still give me ear worms sometimes, even though I have been out for 18 years. Is the one you are thinking of the one that goes "Kiss the son, lest God be angry and you perish on the way"? It does sound a bit like Hark the Herald Angels.

    Lisa 🌹

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Hallie, remember the best revenge is a life well lived and you certainly seem to be doing that. Glad to hear that you are furthering your education as well! Look forward to your contributions.

  • smiddy3

    Is their anyway to see your paintings without going on FB ?

  • everbrighterhal

    Instagram, you want to see the really ugly beginnings. I have only recently been getting into painting, after a lifetime of casual drawing. It is under halsartlife. Other than that, I haven't created enough worthy work at this time to use any other platforms. 2017 has been experimental, 2018 I will be more focused on a central theme.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Welcome Hal! You're on your way!

    Your facebook page is very positive.

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