Changes and why

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  • Vidiot

    Formerbrother - "We are being pushed to show videos instead."

    Apparently, a download counts as a placement, too.

  • Vidiot

    Formerbrother - "Per Tony Morris in his U.S. Zone meeting talk, addressing over 1.1 million JW's: Sister's were warned that a male (brother), age 23 or older. Not currently serving as an MS or Elder. Would NOT make a suitable marriage mate. So, any brother's over the age of 23 and not a servant, would now be viewed in the congregation in a negative light. Even if he is a nice humble brother, unless he is serving, he is a nothing to the org. Since this talk, there has been no changes made to Tony's comment. It has become a new policy..."

    Translation: "You won't get laid unless you commit to the Org."

    Formerbrother - "...This was done to use guilt and peer pressure to get more brother's to reach out."

    Oh, yeah, no way that'll ever backfire.

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