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    I personally observed Poetzinger in the street work back in the 70s. I dont think his wife was with him that day.


    That pic of Sam Herd in service is photo-shopped. It’s full of left over artifacts and blurred sections, and the shadowing doesn’t match between the Dub/Ding Dong in the background and Ol’ Sammy..

    I had the original ( printed picture ) at one point, which helps in finding all the flaws. It’s not the first time the WBTS has doctored pictures either.



    The pic that Sparky shared is also doctored. There was a whole thread about those things some time back, but I have no idea how to find it.

    Also, it’s hilarious and sad how the Dubs believe pics of Field Service are actually real. Don’t they know that the pics are staged?? The householders are Dubs... it’s all propaganda.


  • The Son
    The Son

    You guys talk about stuff you don't know. To me you're just a bunch of frustrated people who seem to look for excuses. I am interested, what are you guys actually doing? Oh yea, internet surfing 😂😂😂

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I was young and a new JW and I was an assembly at Twickenham London with Nathan Knorr speaking.

    I recall my first observation was that he was a poor speaker but got ritual applause however feeble his points. What I also picked up from his comments which were about going in field service were that it seemed somewhat alien to him, I may have been misjudging the situation but that was how it sounded to me.

    He spoke of calling on a man who said that the JWs were like communists and Knorr told us his smug reply; "In communism you cannot leave but as a JW you can leave at any time..... " It was an off-key comment back then but oh! how the org has engineered it so that you cannot leave without punishment today.--Stupid cult.

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    The O/p spoke of F.S . As the physical act of going from door to door . That was the graft that we all remember doing.

    However, a lot of the hours counted are for easier forms of activity . Studying ( or just discussing) with believing unbaptised family. Return visits or studies inc. Sitting in on someone elses. standing next to a trolley. Giving Public Talks Pioneers get ministry credit for pre convention work...

    The list goes on .

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    I felt I was offered a golden ticket so to speak. Just keep saying you are a pioneer and you don't need to do any hours. But we'll have you on the platform and every convention and assembly.

    The offer was partly made to me and given the circumstances I read the rest into the offer. I was troubled by it because it was as if I was being asked to compromise my conscience to be a Z-list celebrity. As if I even wanted that, even if it was A-list celeb status.

    My hand was being gently patted at the time and warm encouragement was being given. So I pulled my hand away and stood down from being a pioneer. I was disgusted.


    Internet Surfing?? You mean like you? The person with zero topics and four comments?


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    I'm not sure about GB members , but we often used to have UK branch committee members in my area for holidays ( a JW in the congregation owned a holiday home & gave free accommodation to Bethelites with priority given to Bethel heavies ) but very rarely would they go out on the ministry. Most of the time , they didn't even bother going to the local meetings - I guess they took the view that they were on vacation - but it does give an insight into how seriously they really viewed meetings & ministry in that they didn't go out all week.

    Ray Franz discusses this issue in his books - he said that many of the GB did very little ministry - Rutherford Zero. For prominent high level JWs - nobody is going to call you out - and the GB presumably could pad their reports with public talks & other Org related activities without any problems . If you examine the famous Tony Morris video , taken just before the Memorial , he makes no effort to informally witness and can just spend a Sunday loafing around the shops topping up his whisky stash.

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