Facing My Mortality And Becoming A Donor

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  • EverApostate

    Organ donations seem the best of all donations. I have told my wife to donate my organs when dead. I know I can sign up for this in my drivers License. Is there any other will I should write for this in USA ?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Think of all the people who die and are buried, and organs that could have gone to benefit the lives of others end up rotting in the ground. My wife and I are both donors, and it's on our driver's licenses. It's important that you carry a card or other indicator so your organs can be expeditiously secured and stored. Anything else can be cremated, put in a jar and disposed of.

    A woman friend of mine, an evangelical, told me, "Isn't being cremated show a lack of faith in the resurrection?"

    "No," I replied, "actually it shows even greater faith in the resurrection. If God can put me back together after all that, then I'll be putting Him to the test."

    It's regrettable that religious dogma often results in the waste of such organs. Does the "Truth" allow for non-blood donations to be made at the time of death? Having worked at the National Institutes of Health, I've gained a sense of my own mortality. I've also seen the benefits of bone marrow transplants in people whose lives were saved by the process. I've often wondered what the JW position is on such transplants. Donors have told me that the process is completely manageable as long as the donor takes it easy after the procedure. The one man I met who had a bad time afterwards felt so good he did some yard work. Two days later he was hospitalized, but he was so happy to have saved a life he told me he would do it again in a heartbeat. I've been on the list for years and haven't been compatible with anyone, but I know the value of being a donor. Parents of a child who needs a transplant, spouses and other family members -- the benefits of this procedure are enormous and highly gratifying. To pass a sentence of death on people because of someone's gross (mis)-interpretation of an Old Testament passage is outrageous.

    Whether you give your body to science or become a bone marrow donor and/or donate blood on a regular basis, your act can save lives. Men often produce too much iron and this can cause heart and other problems. By giving blood on a regular basis, you can reduce the iron in your body by reducing the amount of blood. It benefits others and it benefits you. How can it possibly be bad?

  • ttdtt

    pale - i went through the same thing. I signed my card last time I got my license renewed.

    It was the time I totally realized I would die and that's it.

    I was depressed.

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