Facing My Mortality And Becoming A Donor

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  • pale.emperor

    This thread is quite morbid so i apologize in advance.

    A few days ago i was having a conversation with my girlfriend in which she mentioned in passing that she's signed up to donate her organs after her death. I was quite surprised because she mentioned it like it was no big deal. I asked her which organs. She said "everything". Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, corneas, marrow, skin.

    Then it hit me... i thought i'd faced my own mortality and wasn't bothered by it. But then i really started to think about it. One day i wont be here. My body will still be there, but it wont be me. Life will go on, people will still wake up and go to work, go the pub, marry, haves kids etc but i wont be around.

    Then i started to think "should i donate my organs too?". I'd have no need for them. It wouldn't make sense to cremate my entire body if organs can be used to improve or save lives. I read online that a single person is capable of improving the lives of 50 people. 50! So i decided i'd do it. I've signed up.

    The more i think about it, for me personally, there's no reason not to. My parents often joked that i was "an accident" - so if you think about it i wasn't supposed to be born in the first place. If any good can come of my eventual death i'd like to to be saving the life of another person.

    Granted, It's not nice thinking about it. But i'm glad the subject came up and forced me to think of it.

  • scratchme1010

    I am donating my organs too. I see no reason for them to rut while another person may need it to live. If it's morally wrong, so are a whole lot of things that I've done, so...

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Good for you P.E. I did the same thing when I left the Borg almost 7 years ago. I also watch a program on donating your whole body. It can be used for medical student's or they can use it to study dead bodies as they rot during a crime scene.

    Only problem I can see in all this I plan to live to be 100. LOL. I guess they could use me to rot after a made up crime. Take care and live a long life. Still Totally ADD

  • smiddy3

    I became an organ donor a number of years ago pe and i too donated everything .

    Maybe my penis will get a lot more action then than it has in this life ? (just joking )

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Yep..I will donate my organ too. It's served me well!.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I too am an organ donor. If you're in the UK remember to notify DVLA and the relevant code is added to your drivers licence.

    I am also a body donor, however they will not take your body if you have unhealed operation or accident so the above is a fall back situation.


  • WingCommander

    I also am an organ donor. In the USA's quite simple. When you go to renew your driver's license, they put it on.

    My mother needed an organ transplant. She got it, but unfortunately it did not take and she died 3 months later after severe complications. However, without the transplant she would have certainly died anyway. It gave her one more chance than she had. Also, she had a high survival rate. It was just a fluke.....a failure of the new organ to function properly.

  • dubstepped

    Good for you. I have a friend that works for the local "donate life" group and have always seen her Facebook posts but it's just now hitting me too.

  • NeverKnew

    My beloved just had a heart transplant. Greatest gift ever!

    He also needed pints on top of pints of someone else's blood to survive the surgery.

    Neither of us are or have ever been JW's. I broke up with a JW last year...

  • Onager

    I wouldn't wish my organs on my worst enemy. They're all crappy! Well, maybe my spleen is ok, I've never had any complaints from my spleen.

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