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  • SecretSlaveClass
    Good riddance. Poor third world countries don't need the fat tick feeding off the pittance they make breaking their backs every day. Not to mention that Africa has suffered enough ruin from Christianity and Islam. If anything Christianity should be making reparations for all the damage it has caused Africa ....
  • steve2

    How on earth is entrusting the field to the indigenous "elders" leaving or abandoning the jw work in that country?

    There are thousands of active jws in Tanzania. Sure growth has slowed down compared to even judt a decade or so ago.

    But I struggle to see how developments signify no longer putting effort into that country to spread their messsge.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    I would agree with Steve that turning it over to local brothers is not 'abandoning' the work, but pulling out the funding from overseas is. The African branches are far from self- sufficient, as the per capita income is shockingly low.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    hmmm--16 thousand witnesses out of a population of 51 million --in 2014. not exactly a major player then. i bet more than that number get eaten by lions each year
  • blondie
    Islam is the religion of about 35% of the people of Tanzania. On the mainland, Muslim communities are concentrated in coastal areas, with some large Muslim majorities also in inland urban areas especially and along the former caravan routes. More than 99% of the population of the Zanzibar archipelago is Muslim.
  • DJS

    There has been a sharp increase in Islamic based terror attacks in Tanzania. Of interest:

    Recent Islamist-Associated Attacks in Tanzania

    November 2011 Tanzanian government issues a warning of potential al Shabab attacks after 10 Tanzanian nationals were arrested on the Kenya-Somalia border attempting to

    join al Shabab.

    June 2012 Arrest of Emrah Erdogan, a German national who had joined al Shabab, at Dar es Salaam airport.

    October 2012 Tanzanian policeman is hacked to death with machetes in Zanzibar.

    November 2012 Acid attack on moderate, anti-UAMSHO Muslim imam in Zanzibar.

    December 2012 Shooting of a Catholic priest in Zanzibar.

    February 2013 Interfaith rioting in Mwanza area related to Muslim protests against Christian butchery practices leads to beheading of a local priest.

    February 2013 Murder of a Catholic priest and torching of a church in Zanzibar.

    March 2013 Rioting by Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda supporters in Dar es Salaam.

    May 2013 Handgrenade attack at St. Joseph’s Church in Arusha, killing 3 and wounding 63, during a celebration by the Vatican nuncio.

    May 2013 Burning of a Christian church in Tanga region.

    May 2013 Arrest of five men in Dar es Salaam in possession of explosives and impro- vised explosive device–related materials.

    July 2013 Arrest of British terrorism suspect, Hassan Ali Iqbal, in Kyele, Mbeya region, as he tried to cross into Malawi.

    August 2013 Acid attack on two young British women in Zanzibar’s Stone Town.

    August 2013 Homemade petrol bomb attack on a Christian church in Dar es Salaam.

    September 2013 Acid attack on a Catholic priest in Zanzibar’s Stone Town.

    September 2013 Attempted handgrenade attack at shopping area in Zanzibar’s Stone Town.

    September 2013 Killing of a elderly priest in Zanzibar’s Stone Town.

    October 2013 Arrest of 13 suspected al Shabab–linked militants at a military-style training camp at Makolionga Mountain in Mtwara region.

    October 2013 Arrest by Kenyan military forces of three Tanzanians traveling to Somalia to join al Shabab.

    October 2013 Arrest of Tanzanian businessman Juma Abdallah Kheri for financing terrorism in Kenya and Tanzania.

    November 2013 Arrest of 69 people running an “al Shabab child indoctrination camp” for over 50 4–13 year olds in Tanga.

    January 2014 Explosives attack at New Year’s Eve celebration at Christian church in Arusha.

    February 2014 Three IED attacks in Zanzibar targeting two Christian churches and a restau- rant popular with tourists.

    February 2014 Acid attack on moderate Muslim preacher and his son in Arusha.

    April 2014 Bombing of a crowded bar popular with tourists in Arusha, injuring 15 people.

    June 2014 Explosives attack on a mosque in Zanzibar’s Stone Town, killing one and wounding four people, potentially linked to Islamists’ intent to attack an anti–al

    Shabab cleric.

    July 2014 Explosives attack on the private house in Arusha where moderate clerics were gathered.

    July 2014 Explosives attack on an Indian restaurant in Arusha popular with tourists and local residents.

  • mana11

    Tanzania is a very peaceful place compared to others in africa, When you travel to Kenya the risk factor increases 100 fold.

    {Flipper} The information i shared is the feed back we get when handing out flyer's. I do have contacts and can ask if you share a name. But as for the information i was told is that there is NO missionaries within Tanzania currently as from may this year. Even me i was surprised.

    Also there seems to be some issue with jw.org signs, as I have not seen these installed at KH's.

    As for memorial attendance this last year the halls were empty, compared to 2014 when they were full.

    This is a telling sign i think for the future growth i mean demise of the org.

  • Crazyguy
    Why do you think the halls we're empty during the memorial? I have heard from others that the African memorial attendance was down.
  • mana11

    When i say empty, i mean they were not overflowing! as they were in 2014.

    2015 there were plenty of seats empty!.

    thus in my terminology the halls were "empty".

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