JW.ORG at the grocery store.

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  • redvip2000
    Like when they wanted us to wear our badges from the assembly when you went to dinner. Awkward.

    I never did that, but I recall there was a period of time in my childhood where we had to take public transportation to the conventions. My mother along with other folks who went with us proudly displayed their badges much to my embarrassment. People just looked at us with a weird look.

  • blondie

    I will add my observation regarding lapel pin;, many Americans wear a US flag lapel, in fact some people have criticized some in the US government and the media when they seemed not to wear one or seem to forbid others not wear one.


    While this was proved false by Politifact and Snopes, it does show that some people feel the President should wear one.

    President Obama



    Or that the Media should not forbid their staff regarding wearing one.



    So while I don't feel that wearing a JW.org pin is very effective, in fact it might irritate some non or ex-jws, that it is not something that they should be required or not required to wear by whatever source. I feel there are many more important things the WTS teaches or jws do that are more dangerous.

    I remember early on in my jw career, that I felt that people who wore a cross were advertising their Christian status incorrectly and found it offensive. I soon realized how unloving that was and quit thinking it or criticizing these people to other jws.

    So I wonder it this jw realizes that wearing her pin turns people off regarding jws?


  • steve2

    This lady appears to have absolutely no awareness of - or concern about - how she is coming across to others. As you said, she's got an air of superiority about her. Your description of her fits perfectly with some JWs I know: Terribly self-important people who manage to obliviously turn off even some of their fellow believers.

  • shadow

    So she didn't actually do or say anything. Description is all based on your imagination, isn't it?

    Wow . . . . . what a judgmental @#$#%!

  • Queequeg


    OK, if observing that someone who is dressed sloppily, has an intensely bitchy look on their face, is obese and is dismissive when she responds to the friendly checker, is bad advertising for any organisation, makes me a judgmental asshole... I respond, "Guilty as charged!"

    I'm not quite sure why that puts your knickers in such a twist... unless maybe my description landed a little too close to home for you.

    Maybe she's a sweetie pie and just had a really bad migraine. Perhaps she was sore and uncomfortable from the good stiff rogering she had the night before. It doesn't matter. In my opinion she wasn't representing JW.ORG very well. If you disagree, that's OK with me too. Maybe that demeanor works well for you.

    Anyway, keep on keepin' on!

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