Anyone know a link to the leaked music video the cult is so upset about?

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Vienne, you are correct in saying that the watchtower has rights (copyrights) and very often, is protected by that law. However, laws are not perfect and can, at times, cause victims due to by-product/side effects.

    This is what’s happening with the Watchtower. Copyright laws were made to ensure that authors would benefit from their work and protect it against miss appropriation (people claiming the works of others as their own). Members of this group have absolutely no problem with this. We are only interested in the “Fair use” provision where law makers tried to preserve free speech. That is, content can be reproduced so long as it is for criticism or parody.

    In our case, there is plenty of material that the JWs have produced over the years that they are ashamed of. For us, the very act of reproducing the content and presenting it to active members is a commentary in and of itself: Are you proud or even agree with what your religion has produced here?

    We very well understand that the majority of JWs will ignore such works if additional comments are made by a third party. And yet, this is the type of thing that is needed to protect the critics against WT’s lawyers.

    Probably the best example I can think of is, a site that died a long time ago. Back in the days, that site would present watchtower quotes, in their full context, without any commentary. As a JW, I couldn’t find anything wrong about it as there was no apostate comments to be found anywhere on the site. So, I read the quotes, which in turn, guided my studies about my own religion and helped me understand a great deal about it.

    The watchtower, ashamed by the content the site, sued the site owner for 100k and successfully shut it down. To this day, I believe that the very selection of quotes in and of themselves could have been considered a commentary, but who has the money to fight watchtower’s lawyers? The point is that the watchtower had used a legitimate law to shut down a critic that should have been protected by the fair use provision of the very same law.

  • vienne

    Critics are still free to attack the Watchtower. Have at it. There is much to criticize. Just be smart about it. How they approach matters is evident. Do not give them grounds to use the law and they won't use it.

  • vienne

    Steph, you seem to think I'm a Witnesses. I am not.

  • cyberjesus

    it's my video... mine.. eventhough I didn't pay the actors, the editors, the writers, the composers, the musicians, the producers..

  • Gorb

    I don't understand that a "Charity" like acts like a corporation thinking their video's are gold and have to be protected by court.



  • Vidiot

    This reminds me of the whole Darkspilver thing.

    The Org is experiencing court-related problems, reduction in product output, dwindling revenue stream, and Covid-based membership apathy...

    ...and they decide to hassle some rando Youtuber for a stop-motion parody video he made with fucking Legos.

    The GB's got their priorities ass-backward.

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