Kushner paid over 1 billion to WTBTS SO FAR

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  • sir82

    I do not contribute one more red cent than what's reasonable.

    You're kidding, right?

    These guys made $1 billion (with a B) of tax-free revenue from real estate sales, and you're giving them MORE money? Of your own volition you're doing that?

    You, madam, are a fool.

  • SAHS

    “smiddy”: I am gobsmacked by your admission doubtfully Yours.?

    You have been on this site 14 years ? or theirabouts ? and you still give money/contributions to the Jehovahs Witness religion ?

    I`m confused ,why would you do that ,do you believe they have the true religion ?

    Good point, smiddy! Myself, I am actually still living with my folks, even though I am 51 years of age. (Long story.) And I am one of those born-in/stuck-in people who are in effect forced to nominally remain in the JWs (at least by outward appearances) for the sake of my family; HOWEVER, even though I can’t fully vote with my feet, I have been voting with my pocketbook ever since I’ve internally “woken up” in that I I’ve been contributing exactly ZERO dollars and ZERO cents to the JW cult organization.

    In fact, every time there is any kind of part in a meeting or assembly regarding contributions, I serruptitiously raise my naughty F finger just for an instant while silently saying to myself, “Here you go. There’s your contribution, buddy!” reiterating the exact ZERO total contributions they will ever get from me!

    I tell myself: I will never contribute one cent to an organization that actually kills (murders!) many thousands of men, women, and children due to their ridiculous blood policy, and that cruelly breaks up an untold number of families over the strict fundamentalist disfellowshipping (shunning) policy, etc., etc.

    No sir. ZERO it is from my pocketbook. And when my mom asks me if and what I contributed at an assembly, I just tell her that “it’s my own business” (which it is) and leave it at that.

  • Vidiot

    Yet Letto the Clown says that there's "more money going out than coming in"...


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