Have You Changed Your Viewing Habits Regarding Sports and Entertainment?

by minimus 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Do you still avidly view sports and entertainment? Have you been affected by athletes views on racism, the national anthem, white peoples vs. black? Same question for those in the entertainment industry. Will you still watch award shows and tv programs if the dialogue is obviously biased toward a certain political thinking??

  • Simon

    I haven't watched Football (Soccer) as much as I used to. It's not as exciting without a crowd.

    F1 is really unaffected once the racing starts and doesn't feel much different, but Hamilton's virtue signalling is getting a bit too much to bother watching the before and after bits. Also, people sat apart trying to interview each other while wearing masks is just stupid.

    I've never watched NFL, NHL or NBA much but they seem intolerable now.

    Funny thing is once you stop watching things for a bit, you soon don't miss it. They really are just a habit that people have gotten into.

    Maybe 2020 will be the year the world comes to it's senses about the value of athletes as well as celebrities?

  • minimus

    I know a lot of sports nuts. It seems a number of them have just gone with the flow. It’s like people have just lost interest.

  • mickbobcat

    I know a lot who said they are done. But I never understood how anyone can identify with a sports teem. Its not like the local High School where your son and his friends or daughter and her friends are playing. These are like actors who you will never know and very well may not want to know and somehow people identify with them. Just because someone puts on a Jersey with my home state team on them does not make me apart of the teem. A person who is part of an opposing team can next year be part of your team so its not really anything but an illusion smoke and mirrors. I would rather go for a hike or ride my bike or do some project around the house than sit and watch a bunch of over paid idiots run around a field and some how associate myself with them that only exists in my mind.

  • silentbuddha

    I stopped liking sports years ago. I never understood why grown people care so much about people playing with balls......................

    I don't watch TV much anymore either, actors are overpaid idiots who people give too much allegiance to.

    I spend most if my time grafting plants, hoping my crops grow and my kiko goat breeding is effective as I hope.

  • redvip2000

    I stopped watching NBA because of how woke they have become. I watch european soccer because there is very little BLM nonsense. I also watch MLS but I hate the kneeling at the beginning of the game and the shirts they force the coaching staff to wear.

    Yesterday I watched a little of a NFL game. I was encouraged to see that at least most players stood during the national anthem, a few idiots did kneel. But it was mostly OK. Even the US Open has been infected by the BLM virus, they have a block of seats right behind one of the players filled with all sorts of banners and pictures of criminals that were shot by the police.

    Ratings are down across the board and I hope when fans do come back that they boo every BLM initiative.

  • minimus

    A lot of people like to bet on the games. But these sports stars have become so full of themselves that even if they win, many are just obnoxious!

  • Simon

    The only thing that will correct things is for sport to lose money. Then we'll see that they don't really believe in the BS and are just virtue signally, like the NBA the moment it became clear they would lose wages from their strike.

    Don't watch. Don't go to games. Don't buy merchandise. Consumer power is everything for companies that rely on their consumers and they have no product other than your willingness to give them money to watch their antics.

    Watch a different sport instead. Or spend you time on something productive, learning a new skill, enjoying the outdoors, or playing sport yourself.

  • minimus

    I agree, Simon. It’s always all about the Benjamins. Once these entitled athletes start losing money and the league begins to lose money, they will change their tune.

    By the way, I listened for approximately 2 plus minutes the black national anthem and watched the accompanying video with words to the song. If white people put out a video like that , there would be an uproar and we would be labeled racists! The hypocrisy of it all is appalling!

  • WTWizard

    I never did enjoy basketball that much, and especially once they made a big deal against white people wanting other white people, even in specific instances, back in May 2014. Once that happened, I had a hatred for the whole NBA and especially the Clippers, which team was involved in this. Our breakroom TV would be turned on to this garbage, and I would change the channel to something more tolerable. Only church garbage is worse.

    And now, I would rather watch a high school or college sport, or an amateur league, instead of watching the big leagues. How much food I can get with the cost of one game of political correctness ball, or how much silver--and I would rather watch YouTube videos of how these leagues are paying the price instead of the games. I can simply look up the scores at the end of the game, and using my ad blocker to ensure the leagues do not get as much as a penny from this.

    No, I do not want these sports totally gone. But I do wish bad luck for the major leagues, who are using this race garbage to strip us of our rights and make it harder for white people to get with other whites instead of having this "non-discrimination" reaching our personal lives. You wish to play the games or watch other smaller leagues, fine. Just don't expect me to support the degradation of the whole human race by watching the big leagues, or even allowing ads while checking the scores.

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