Behind Closed Doors

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    Blondie:Great post.

    Dubstepped: Very thought provoking OP.

    Behind closed doors: i can relate. Family studies with a belt at the table to "refocus and redirect" . Sitting in fear at the meetings because 1 slip up would result in hours of "discipline " at home. Innocent or well meaning remarks from the "friends" that even hinted at us not being exemplary would result in hours of emotional and physical abuse. It took alot of work to be a perfect Elder's family.

    Behind closed door the Elder molested his preteen foster daughters and schooled them in the fine art of lying for him then beat them later for lying to him.

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    Behind closed doors I know of pre-teen girls who are self-harming, one even took an overdose recently.

    Behind closed doors I know of several tyrannical men who were highly manipulative, verbal and physical bullies towards their long suffering wives and terrified children.

    Behind closed doors I know of vindictive elders, lording over as many as possible.

    Behind closed doors I know of more and more people looking for a way out.

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