Behind Closed Doors

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  • dubstepped

    Behind closed doors my dad, an elder, was so emotionally abusive that as a child I once got out of bed to get a knife from the kitchen so I could stop the abuse once and for all. I cried, and didn't go through with it.

    Behind closed doors, my next door neighbors, the family that "brought us into the truth" was yelling and screaming constantly. He hit her once while we kids played out back. I saw the marks from the beatings on the oldest sister. Allegations of incest came out later.

    Behind closed doors a large area of close JW families were abusing prescription drugs and if I knew it, others did too. Oh well.

    Behind closed doors my wife's elder father would come home stressed from work, make up a reason to get one of the girls in trouble (usually my wife as she was the oldest), and find that excuse to hit someone smaller than him to relieve that stress. Afterward he wanted to play.

    Behind closed doors a friend has panick attacks when around men, particularly one on one, after growing up a JW. The reasons should be fairly obvious.

    Behind closed doors another large family of JWs that lived on a farm were swapping partners.

    Behind closed doors lives millions of untold stories of the real Jehovah's Witnesses. What they show standing on the outside of closed doors while knocking on them is a facade.

    Behind closed doors is where the stress of an inauthentic life as a JW that is keeping up appearances can come out to play. Behind closed doors are the tears, the scars, and the self-medicating from the real dub life. Behind closed doors is where the real impact of the cult is seen.

  • snowbird

    Behind closed doors, the GB is on edge, waiting for the final curtain to fall.

    The poster, Hamsterbait, refers to the GB as the Gibbering Buddy.

    I wouldn't want to be one of them when the poop hits the fan.


  • dubstepped

    THAT ^^^^^^ is a small sample size, not everything I know, and there's lots that I didn't know. Can you imagine the horrors that are perpetrated by Jehovah's Witnesses on a global scale?

  • snowbird

    Yet, the JW's are supposed to be the happiest people on the planet.

    Very stressful and unfulfilling trying to live up to an ideal.

    Something has to give, and it's usually the wife and/or children who pay the price.



  • blondie

    A fader friend said that the WTS is a perfectionistic society that puts so much pressure on its members, never really dealing with any problems, just sweep them under the rug. It is an organization concerned only with the outward's like your descriptions from the top down.

    But there are a few people that manage to have a better scenario, building up barriers and sticking with healthy people. Eventually, some isolate themselves from the WTS completely, making their own rules and seeing themselves in the new system of their own interpretation.

  • karter

    Behind clased doors a guy rapes his 14 year old sister.(he was married at the time and still is)

    It was kept behind closed doors becouse their family got mentioned in the year book that year.

    He's now an Elder worthy of double honer.

    Behind closed doors they think we have problems.


  • snowbird

    Behind closed doors, an elder systematically demeaned his college-educated wife to the point that she had to ask him which size eggs to buy!

    Low-down, dirty, rotten Negro ...


  • blondie

    As a survivor of sexual abuse, known by my jw mother, who did nothing, I realized that the worst is not the perpetrator but the people who feel they are innocent, because they did not abuse, just refused to help the victim or prevented them to getting help elsewhere. Everyone I knew or know that fits in that category, is worse than the perpetrator.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Behind closed doors very high-level JW officials (ie, in the Writing Dept, WT Corp Officers, maybe GB members) know that it is all a bunch of fabrications, lies, half-truths, and that millions of innocent people are being strung along and duped out of their time, money, and most sad, their lives. But to "open the doors" would cost them everything in their cushy lifestyle.

  • ToesUp

    Yes...the perfect little JW family does not exist. It is a facade. I have to say I was one of fortunate ones. I had a great Elder Dad (I think one of the last). Best Dad ever!

    We know of family members who have been physically and emotionally abused. We know of several families that are abusing prescription drugs (yes...Elders and pioneers). As long as you keep up appearances and tow the line, you should be ok. Wow...what a way to live eh?

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