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  • Atlantis


    I know we have some letters that speak about people who make a disturbance at the Kingdom Halls, and elders are instructed to call the police.

    Shameful they will call the police for a meeting disturbance and not for a child who has been molested.

    I don't think they call it (hall crashing), I think they call it a "disturbance" and to call the police. The rank&file JW are pretty much on his or her own if someone crashes their literature cart, if the "crashing" is not done on Watchtower property. The JW themselves would have to call the police.

    I'll look and see what we can dig out of the Archives as soon as I finish this ham sandwich and ice-tea!


  • Atlantis


    Here you go.

    This file has a few BOE's on calling the police on people causing a
    disturbance. Just open the file in your reader and type in the word
    (police) in the search window and you will have several hits..

    It's almost word for word the same thing.



  • keinlezard


    It's amazing !!!

    What is exactly the purpose ? because after Russia forbid of JW ... this time WT ask for data ...

    for me it's contradictory ... if the same thing than in Russia , get in in Europe or USA how WT explain that data of jw will be accessed by gov ?

    Or armagedon is near ... or it is not ! And if the WT ask for personal data I understand that is not near :)

    Best Regards ( sorry for my poor english )

  • keinlezard


    the letters was read in France too !

    Best regards

  • Formerbrother

    Can you boil it all down, what are the highlights?

  • Faded

    Thank you Atlantis. I appreciate you doing the research. Those last letters are quite interesting.

  • Formerbrother

    I have now been asked to sign the form, I just read the first paragraph and it says signing this means you have read and understood something or other, so I asked the Elder what this is that I would be agreeing that I have read and understood?

    He said well your the first person to ask me that.

    So that means everybody else is lying saying they have read and understood something if they signed this without reading the other thing they said they had read.


    What am I doing wrong? I keep getting the message “requested board cannot be opened.”

    Can these docs not be accessed via iphone?


    Captive 07/1972 - 02/2001

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