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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    9. The congregation secretary is responsible for maintaining the signed Notice and Consent for Use of Personal Data (S-290) forms in the congregation file. The secretary should keep the body of elders informed if anyone refuses to complete the form or later revokes his consent. The signed con- sent form for a publisher should be kept in the congregation file for as long as any records for that in- dividual are retained.
    The above is taken from "Instructions For Use Of Personal Data". Any publisher who refuses to concent to sign is demerited and shamed before the entire Body Of Elders and under certain circumstances the WT Service Desk is contacted for further instructions...Holy Shit!
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    For those wondering about the data protection/privacy letters: those are the result of Watchtower trying to adhere to new European laws.

    These laws apply to any organization and company that collects, processes or stored data about people.

    Google GDPR for more info.

    Nice extra: it appears European courts will opine that even personal field service notes of JW are subject to these laws.

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    Merci beaucoup Atlantis !

  • careful

    Thanks for these!

    One statement in the consent form is intriguing:

    "I consent to the use of my personal data so that I may participate in some religious activities in connection with my worship and so that I may receive spiritual support"

    This seems to imply that a lack of signing will result in a lack "receiv[ing] spiritual support." What does that mean?

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    What a delight to behold! Lifting into the Alaskan skies, a shiny,
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  • BluesBrother

    "If consent for the use of per-sonal data is not provided, the affected individual may remain a publisher (baptized or unbaptized) and the congregation may keep his personal data related to his activity as a publisher, including the

    information recorded on the Congregation’s Publisher Record (S-21) card. However, the individual

    should be informed that the congregation or branch office may not be able to evaluate his suitability to

    fill certain roles within the congregation or participate in many congregation activities, such as serv-

    ing as a regular pioneer, a ministerial servant, or an elder. His name or other personal data should not

    be posted on the information board, be entered on the jw.org website, or appear in any correspond-

    Sence sent via jw.org e-mail. However, his limited personal data from the Congregation’s Publisher

    Record (S-21) card could be used on internal congregation documents. "............

    So there we have it, it is not essential but it puts you in a bad light.

    Back in the late 90's everyone was asked to sign their record card for " data protection purpose" . I gather that was later dropped when they looked again at the then new Data Protection Act.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    This looks to me like they want a blank check to hold whatever data they want on their members. When you sign up for the JW website, you should have privacy terms right then and there. When you submit your field service hours, you clearly expect them to hold that data.

    So why would they need further permission to hold data? What other data do they want to keep?

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    Thanks Atlantis!!

  • Atlantis

    Very welcome everybody!


  • Faded

    Atlantis -

    Is there a chance you have letters sent to Body's of Elders to address the hall crashing &/or cart crashing situation. I'm sure they've addressed it. I'd love to know what they say.

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