JWs Don't Really Believe This Scripture...

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  • megaboy

    Always first to the jew then the gentile, but god shows no favoritism? how so? if he just said in the last chapter that God gave them UP?

    You are getting confused, keep in mind some of your understandings on the concept of god have been subconsciously tweaked to cultural philosophy. There is nothing wrong with favoritism as the scriptures does not teach against that. That is what gentiles would be inclined to teach of course if they had full control over the concept of god (as they do today) because they were not "chosen". What God does not do is that he does not pardon judgement based on someone's status (like some people who do evil, cheat the judicial system because they have money and they escape justice), he is fair with all men. That has nothing to do with favoritism or taking delight in one thing more than others.

    It never said he gave them up (Israel), they temporarily fell so that he could restore Israel in the last days. That is what the tribe of Judah thought was going to happen in their time and why they were upset when the Master did not come as a Lion but as a Sheep more or less passive to the Roman system. The Gentiles knew this too, that is why they also tempted to kill Abraham when he had first been born, no point if his bloodline would be given up.

    As far as what Paul said about nature and the qualities of God, look at precious minerals. There is gold, silver and brass. Isn't gold more appealing or favored over the other two among men? These things in nature reflect the things of God.

    I just read the entire 1st chapter of romans. and what I see, is despite the claim that Jesus died so that sins would be forgiven. this is a chapter warning people in verse,5, to come under law or else.

    Let me ask, would it make sense to cut yourself off from doing something in error only to go back to doing it again? To Be forgiven for something is not an immunity towards future willing transgressions.

    Also when Paul teaches about the law he is talking about the "law of righteousness", not the law Moses. The law of Moses contained the law of righteousness in it and some allegorical practices but the laws of Moses can not determine righteousness in and of itself and was not made for a righteous man, they were made for men who need to be told not to do something over and over. The laws of Moses were training wheels and a veil to glory, something better.

    This is why I loath these damnable religions, they prevent men from receiving the spirit of understanding.

  • Vidiot

    stuckinarut2 - "...What does 'creation' REALLY tell us about the 'creator'?"

    That he's insane, wasted, or some unholy combination of the two:



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