I need quotes from watctower demonizing the internet, and gadgets e.g smart phones, tablets etc

by joe134cd 17 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • millie210

    LostGeneration, thank you for that picture and article. I couldnt find it.

    Do you know the date of the article? It was an Awake I think?

    I had to laugh at a statement in the article that accompanies the snake picture....

    someone can be "pretending to be in the know without even revealing his name"

    Oh really?

    You mean like every publication the Org puts out? No names and pretending to be in the know????

  • steve2

    Excellent observation, millie201!

  • millie210

    Thanks Steve!

    Unmitigated egotism.

    That is the only thing that can explain the way they see the world versus the way they themselves are.

  • 4thgen

    This change in attitude toward the internet was one of the things that began to open my eyes to the fact that the GB doesn't have a clue....So, I guess Jehovah must have changed his mind about using the internet, huh? Or was it that the GB did not find any good in it until they could capitalize on it? It's interesting how through the years they did a 180 on using the internet... from it being all evil to changing the identity from Jehovah's Witnesses to JW.org.

  • smiddy

    I , 2nd that steve2 ,what millie210 said,

    4thgen , isnt it just another example of the G.B.speaking out of both sides of there mouth ?

    Their history of over 100 years is full of backtracking , flip flops , back and forth ,about doctrines ,beliefs ,etc,etc.

    Their rationliisation ,claiming new light is responsible ,simply means the Holy Spirit didnt know what it was talking about in the first place.

  • carla

    I remember when my jw thought the internet should be used with caution even though he used it daily. It was never to be used for looking up 'spiritual' things! Now he is on his damn devices 24/7 sometimes. Naturally he got a tablet when it was suggested to be used in fs, blah.....

  • pale.emperor

    I remember my mum flat out refused to have the internet. I used to go to libraries to use it and learn and study the many things i was interested in. She used to ask me "what are you doing on there? All that information...". She was convinced that the internet is just so people can grow magic mushrooms, look at pornography and spread apostasy.

    Years later she relented because a pioneer couple who she just worshiped got the internet. So we got the internet.

    I promptly looked up some porn and apostasy... never did grow any mushrooms.


    I look at pornography while spreading apostasy and growing magic mushrooms....

    DD 😈

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