Helping my husband wake up, need advice.

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Wow Whynot, you are either a Christ follower or a hopeless romantic. I applaud you.

    Forget about my earlier post. Your man needs a dose of God's grace. Remind him that if you can forgive him for this terrible indiscretion, so can God. The prodigal husband came home didn't he.

    He needs to be freed from guilt. It was for his sin and that Jesus died. Adultery is not the sin against the Holy Spirit. Ask David.

    Who will love Jesus more, the one who is forgiven little...or the one who is forgiven much.

    The WT will only reinforce his guilt. Satan will only reinforce his guilt. But Jesus will remove it completely. I John 1:9

    Yes...he feels shame now. But later he will be filled with thankfulness for through this iniquity, the Lord will have delivered him from self-rightousness.

    God has a plan for your husband and it doesn't involve perpetual guilt, self loathing, but joy. Only one man left the temple justified, it was not the Pharisee which many elders emulate...but only the man who beat his chest asking the Lord for forgiveness.

    Jesus invites all of humanity burdened with guilt and sin to come to him and he promises for those who come, rest from their burdens.

  • smiddy3

    my husband still believes the Bible is infallible.>>.Then my suggestion would be look up sites that show where the many bible Scriptures contradict each other ,and their are many .

    That should undermine his faith in the Bible being infallible.unless he is a total hopeless lost cause .

    But their is more you can do : The WTB&TS published a publication "The kingdom Interlinear Of The Christian Greek Scriptures" a word for word translation of the text the WT used for the N.W.T. of the Christian Greek Scriptures .

    Nowhere in that translation in Greek does the Tetragrammaton the four Hebrew letters representing Gods name JHVH/YHWH in either Hebrew or Greek.

    Therefore for the Watchtower to put the name Jehovah in the Christian Greek Scriptures is dishonest .

    Also, nowhere in the Christian Greek Scriptures are Christians told to be witnesses of Jehovah ,nowhere.!.... however their are upwards of 20 times where Christians are to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in the Christian Greek Scriptures.

    And more pointedly the Bible states that "in the name Jesus every knee should bend (in worship ) of those in heaven and those on earth and those under the ground"

    Notice ! not in Jehovah`s name but in Jesus name every knee should bend in worship and that God exalted him to a superior position and kindly gave him ( Jesus ) the name that is above every other name .( including the name Jehovah ) Phil.2 :9-11

  • Jerryh

    He gets very emotional since he still wants to believe that there is a religion out there

    who is the one true religion

    Dear Whynot, I have not been a JW but have people I love in the Org. so I visit this forum

    some. Your husband and I have a couple of things in common. Guilt and wanting to believe

    there is a remedy for guilt.

    Now, my husband still believes the Bible is infallible. Me too.

    In 1 John it says this

    if we are walking in the light as he himself is in the light, we do have a sharing with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. If we make the statement: “We have no sin,” we are misleading ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous so as to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we make the statement: “We have not sinned,” we are making him a liar, and his word is not in us. My little children, I am writing you these things that you may not commit a sin. And yet, if anyone does commit a sin, we have a helper with the Father, Jesus Christ, a righteous one.

    In Watchtower world complete forgiveness is what Jesus and his apostles used to preach.

    · What Now Distinguishes the Good News to Be Preached (‎1 occurrence)


    o 1, 2. (a) What of very present importance has been added to the good news preached by Jesus and his apostles? (b) After the ouster of Satan the Devil, how did the heavens express this addition to the good news?

    Ever since the end of the Gentile Times in 1914 something of very present importance has been added to the “good news of God” that Jesus Christ used to preach in the Middle East,

    If you go to JW.ORG search on quote “token forgiveness” you will get this. Where in the

    infallible Bible is there even one mention of token forgiveness? Is our guilt real?

    His and mine. Do we need token forgiveness for real guilt?

    · Declared Righteous by Jehovah (‎1 occurrence)


    o Those of the other sheep today may be said to have a token forgiveness.

    o w54 9/1 pp. 521-523 - The Watchtower—1954

    · The Way for Man’s Attainment to Perfect Integrity (‎1 occurrence)


    o The other sheep, too, have had a token forgiveness.

    o w54 4/15 pp. 248-255 - The Watchtower—1954

    Have him read Galatians 1:6-9 and choose between the old gospel and the new additions.

    I rarely post here so I apologize for the formatting.

  • 2+2=5

    JWfacts is great.

    I had a positive experience debunking the genesis flood story with my wife, who was believing in God and the bible having been raised a JW.

    Genesis is a good place to start when exposing the illogical WT interpretation of scripture, and rational thinkers will soon abandon the idea of the bible being inspired altogether. The flood myth is such an easy target... worth a shot.

    JWfacts has good info on the flood. Just chip away slowly.

    Also, the obviously silly things in scripture. Samson...basically everything to do with that dude. Jonah... Solomon’s temple.. it’s a comedy. I do love Jewish comedians though, so maybe not for everyone.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Do not attack doctrine or the Bible. As ludicrous as some things are (like the creation account or the global flood) JWs (and other fundys) will just claim “God can do miracles!” or “the WT right or wrong” (if the WT says to plant cabbage upside down, I’ll plant cabbage upside down).

    Ask him “sincere” questions about the things that trouble you. You know, the questions that aren’t supposed to even be asked. Then STFU and make him research for the answers.

    Baby steps. Don’t push too hard on him, or you might push him all the way back in.

    Also, arrange for fun things to do that prevent his meeting attendance. The more a person is away from the cult propaganda, the more their genuine personality reveals itself.

    Good luck.

    The greatest revenge is living a happy and successful life!!!

  • carla

    Doc is right!

    My helpful hint of the day is not to use the word 'cult', ever. Once you put it out there that is the one thing they will remember you said. They will forget everything else but that.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Thanks for sharing those WT articles Jerryh.

    The audacity of WT leaders to admit they added 1914 to the gospel. They have also added 1919 and made recognition of the GB/FDS essential to salvation. Believing in Jesus means nothing if you are not serving as part of the WT organization under their authority.

  • Giordano

    Walk and talk a couple of times a week. Pick out a nice place a park etc that has a creek or a lake. The sound of water is comforting.

    What to talk about? Basically you and him & your history together. When and how you first met. Silly stuff, sad stuff. Past friends, those who passed on. Breath deeply while you walk. Movies, TV books.

    Swap silly secrets something looking back is funny.

    A pretty setting helps it's a natural and neutral place.

    Build a level of trust that allows you to share some things that you should share.

    Make plans for a trip or vacation.

    Try to avoid the religion. Work on the relationship.

    But if the religion is important read up on this:

    But religious indoctrination can be hugely damaging, and making the break from an authoritarian kind of religion can definitely be traumatic. It involves a complete upheaval of a person’s construction of reality, including the self, other people, life, the future, everything. People unfamiliar with it, including therapists, have trouble appreciating the sheer terror it can create and the recovery needed.
  • Balaamsass2

    I don't know your hubby, but as a one-time true believer, it was the realization that the organization was not "spirit directed" or "godly".....ever. Simple the organization LIES knowingly...the simple question "who is the father of the lie?"(simple act of fraudulent accounts reading at conventions, child abuse, theocratic strategies). Is it ever right to defraud widows and orphans? Yes-No? (borrowing and never returning $$) Is god all powerful...or confused...changing his mind yearly like Watchtower? Jesus said: "by their fruits, you shall know them"- what fruitage does Watchtower display? Reading actual early Watchtower publications on Barbra Anderson's site.. the Nutty stuff Russel and Rutherford printed. Ray Franze's books. Stay away from never-ending theological dates, how many angels can dance on a pinhead, the Bible, and how many reindeer does really Santa have. Baby steps.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Wow Giordano, I need a walk like that!

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