Could this be the reason for one day assemblies

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  • WTWizard

    The amount breaks down to roughly 20-25 toilet papers per publisher, given that some can give very little. As there are children and very elderly who can give much less, others will have to pay more.

    Instead of giving to the washtowel, one could easily invest this. One battery charger at Target that includes 4 AA NiMH batteries would be roughly the same cost (the ones at Battery Junction are even better but may cost you more). You could get two strings of 60 count LED Christmas lights at Target, or roughly 10 LED light bulbs for those areas where those squiggly things simply are not working well. One Australia silver Kookaburra coin costs about what they are charging for one day's damnation. You can simply watch the program on YouTube if you feel like wasting the time--so long as they don't destroy the Internet, that is.

    Or, you can simply enjoy the money. Dinner out costs about what your donations would be, so long as no one drinks and drives. Buying 20 legal song downloads from Amazon or iTunes is about the same. You could watch a movie at the theater or rent several movies for this cost. For the cost of two big boasting sessions, you can save up and get a copy of Pokemon Sun or Moon when they are released. There are plenty of day trips that cost about the same as a big boasting session, or less.

    Simply, they do not want you enjoying your money. Rather, they want to program your soul to accept poverty and hardship as a virtue. As I see it, such is a punishment, not a virtue. If you want a taste of poverty, just go and buy a nice tent and the bare necessities, and spend a few days camping in a campground with few or no amenities. That, to me, is plenty--and no permanent loss of your things.

  • biblexaminer
    I suggested to Mrs. Searcher ...the loyal 'sheep in the new folds' could be "requested" to follow the org's new directions on how to donate to the K.H. fund/worldwide work - by automatic bank transfer. This would be "to reduce valuable costs in administration."

    LOL. I explained this to my family years back. We will hear the explanation from the platform....

    "Dear brothers, as a new and loving provision from Jehovah, 'The Slave" Mt. 24:45 has instituted a loving new provision that is both loving and new.
    We all know that Jehovah, by way of His personal website, has provided an loving avenue of contributions of our "valuable things" which we are loving here at the big house.
    Now Jayhovah has provided yet another loving and new provision. It is both loving and new, and it is called "Elders Shepherd Your Cash". You will be contacted as part of this new and loving initiative, and will be "offered" an opportunity to have the elders pay you a shepherding call, during which a loving elder will assist you in determining what percentage of your income would properly demonstrate your desire to live forever in paradise.
    Then, as part of the loving new arrangement, you can get signed up to jwsmorgasb.ORG and your cash can be lovingly removed from your account without you feeling a thing.
    We are all sure, here at the GB that all will be delighted with Jayhover's latest endeavour and each and every publisher will be eager to participate in this new and loving arrangement. Rev. 21:1
    Much love from up here down to all you's down there. Your Chri666tian bro's"

  • The Fugitive
    The Fugitive

    "I suggested to Mrs. Searcher this morning that once the org's "Master Plan" has been effectively implemented, (consolidating K.H.'s/merging congregations) the loyal sheep in the 'new folds' could be "requested" to follow the org's new directions on how to donate to the K.H. fund/worldwide work - by automatic bank transfer. This would be "to reduce valuable costs in administration."

    WTBTS must be envious of other religions & cults who can track and deal with non-contributors - time to join them!"

    "How long will it be until tithing comes in.... "

    I think it's just a matter of time before they use the website to do that. Automatic monthly charges to thousands of credit cards and checking accounts would generate a lot of revenue. Eventually they will add a pay wall to jw . org and all of the good little witnesses will be expected to be paying members. They could make it possible for active subscribers on jw . org to know who all of the other active subscribers are and who isn't. This could be especially annoying for those of us who have moved a great distance as part of the fading process because the website could be an effective tool to keep tabs on those who may stray from the flock.


    Last Saturday I sat through the one day assembly and I waited for the anticipated accounts report. For one day the costs were $10,000. Even my wife questioned why the costs are so high and why don't they give a break down on the costs?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    IF this is a assembly hall owned by WT, why the cost so high. Isn't there a donation from each congregation to support their assembly hall each month??How much is donated by HQ??? If there's a deficit why HQ don't kick in and stop being so greedy.

  • ToesUp

    The money only flows one way in JW land...WT pockets. Now (for us) money only flows one way for our for our kids, vacations and planning for retirement.

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