Alternate ending video for 2018 Regional Convention.

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  • former2free

    Beth sarim

    i am am currently in that situation of being controlled in that way I’m working my way out but my wife’s family is the blackmail. It really sickens me but I have to deal with it till I can get my wife and kids free of this cult.

  • steve2

    Are they hiding in bunkers or standing in a field when the end comes? Get your story right JW organization.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I don't know if anybody has watched the recent Stacy Lopez youtube channel about the London,UK protests.

    She relates wonderfully about some 'lady' mentioned she has invested 6-decades, yes 60 years into the 'Borg'. This 'sister' commented how she has 'doubts' and she is just wayyyy toooo much heavily invested into the 'Borg' to just simply leave it all behind.

    You see. I am sure there are a lot of PIMOs out there, Stacy mentioned that there could be tons, and tons of PIMOs, a lot more than we think.

    Stacy commented that there could be a large number of JWs out there who have just toooooo many years invested into the Borg emotionally just to drop it all, once they realize they could have been suckered.

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