Seeking advise on going to college/university

by joe134cd 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • hoser

    What does a masters degree pay these days?

  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    There are many things to consider. I don't have all the facts but I'd say at her age going to college is going to set her back financially in more than one way and the time to recover that will be pushing her in her 50's.

    I didn't go to college because I got connected through networking and was forced to grow up early when my parents kicked me out. All things considering I'm doing quite well. It's the cost of living in NYC that is holding me back from saving. But my advice to her would be to consider her current position and if there is room to move up then she should stay. Hope this helps eventhough I ain't much to go on.

  • PlatinumFix
    I went to bethel and left when I was around 25. Im now 30 and completed my diploma in accounting. I wish I would of done it earlier. I managed to get a student loan to pay for some of it. But it has still cost me around £2,000 and I've had to spend alot of time revising (this is on top of working full time).
  • kaik
    I am in 40's and I will be graduating in five months with my master's degree. I have two graduate professional degrees, and the benefits are clearly there. With every degree I got more money, and I never had issue to find another job. My sis-in-law is back in school to get advanced degree in medical field something related to MRI imaging, and she is couple years older. She already has a new, well paid job lined up. People do not realize that in many fields, returning to school is necessary due continuous advances in science and technology. The issue is often not only monetary payback, but also to stay marketable on market and ahead of other applicants.

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