WT Recruiting JW Solicitors (Lawyers)

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  • Vidiot

    Interesting that they're willing to risk asking for this...

    ...considering that - in order to effectively to the job - any JW lawyer who helps out will need to become privy to all the pedo-problem-related info that the Org is so anxious for the R&F to not know.

    That fact alone suggests a degree of quiet desperation, to me.

    Maybe - like I suggested before - their "worldy" legal aid isn't proving as helpful as they used to.

  • Vidiot
    careful - "Not questioning the policies that got the Org into hot water on the child abuse issue to begin with."

    'Course not.

    They're "Biblical" policies from "God's Word".

    The policies couldn't possibly be the problem (nor could "God's Earthly Organization" possibly be applying them incorrectly), let alone be inadequate or inferior compared to anything "Satan's World" could come up with.

    careful - "Vidiot, I don't think they use "worldly" lawyers much."

    (Funny, I thought I'd responded to this yesterday, but the post seems to have not registered.)

    They do.

    Can't remember the name of the firm, but a rep was quoted, "...we like our WT clients; they pay their bills on time, and are always in trouble..." (paraphrasing, maybe, but not by much).

    And now I can't help but wonder if the Org hasn't been able to keep up their retainer payments lately, and the firm isn't willing to extend them the credit they had before.

  • Vidiot
    careful - "...I don't think they use 'worldly' lawyers much."

    Oh, they do.

    Can't remember the name of the firm offhand, but a few years back, they were quoted, "...we like our WT clients, they pay their bills on time and are always in trouble..." (paraphrasing, but not much).

    Here's an interesting question...

    ...if you were a law firm on retainer with the WTS, and they kept losing (or settling) court cases with no forseeable end on the horizon, just how confident would you be that they'd be able to keep paying said retainer?

    And if they couldn't keep paying, what incentive would you have to keep them as a client? Particularly if the bad PR was starting to rub off?

  • Listener

    The incredible thing is that they talk down higher education. An Elder could lose his position if he has a son or daughter go to long term college. The org. even stopped supporting Bethelites from undertaking legal degrees. Yet if you are now a lawyer you are privelaged by being able to work for the GB.

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    Okay, the first response attempt to careful's post didn't appear till after my second attempt did.


    Site glitch or something?

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