Natural disasters cause the most grief and misery today

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  • nowwhat?

    Its not wars caused by Satan and man. Its hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes! So the logical question is Jesus showed he can control the weather when on earth. So. Why does God allow natural disasters when clearly he has the control to alleviate some of mankind's suffering? This has nothing to do with the so called issue of universal sovereignty.

  • naja

    When God said in the creation account that everything he created was good (acc. to watchtower PERFECT) Adam and Eve lost their perfection because the sinned. What wrong did our planet do to loose its perfection?

  • cofty

    'Natural evil' proves conclusively that the god of christian theism does not exist.

  • Crazyguy

    The 2004 tsunami was a wake up call to many and the cyclone that hit the Philippines and took out 3 Kingdom Halls killing 45 of his supposed people should have been a major eye opener to most JWs but unfortunately it was not. Zombies don’t wake up they can only be put down.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I have a question where did you get your facts that natural disasters have killed or injured more than war. I will give you that drought leads to famine, but that also leads to civil conflict between people.

  • venus

    I read in between the lines, events and isms, and this is my conclusion:

    Looking at events at an Olympic swimming pool, one cannot conclude swimmers are the emergent properties of the swimming pool.

    Looking at things such as flowers, varied fruits and grains … that match our varied tastes I must conclude that they have been put in place for our enjoyment.

    Looking at the increasing population also one can discern certain things. Every seed/species reproduces its own kind, and everyone reaps what he sows. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Luke 6:38) This would mean every one receives varying rewards according to the nature of their deeds. When the old world ends, all the souls return to heaven, as though children returning for home from play ground, and remain there till the new world is recreated/renewed on earth (Mathew 19:28), and start coming down to play in certain order. And cycle repeats.

    In other words, life cannot have any meaning. We descend to play and return home. Thus descending and returning alternate eternally. Certain degree of order makes life enjoyable; and simultaneously certain degree of disorder such as diseases, natural calamities make us want to return home. We cannot go on drinking/eating something sweet without its sweetness being felt diminishing. But when we alternate with something not sweet--we take a sip then have something not sweet, again have a sip ..., we enjoy sweetness again, and again. Principle is shown also by day and night. How boring it would be if we have only night.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    A bunch of uncritically informed assumptions here Venus.

    "With the measure you use, you will be measured". You cannot quote Biblical sayings as if they are actual truth!

    They represent the precepts and injunctions of leaders of the christ cults from the time of writing and this one is clearly false. Kind and generous people are just as likely to be struck by lightning or a bus as any criminal is.

    You talk of heaven as if we all come from there, you might for all I know! except my experience tells me that there is not one ounce of evidence that anyone ever had any pre-existence nor any after life, as much as these popular rumours have for millennia pervaded religious minds. Evidence is required.

    Flowers, flower scent and coloured fruits function as attractants to insects, birds and animals for the sake of perpetuation of their own life forms. The species which fail to attract or reproduce simply die out. It could hardly be said they were created for humans because flowering plants evolved during the time of the dinosaurs and all plant families had appeared before hominins did in the Late Pleistocene (i.e. geologically recently). The Rose family for example including herbaceous plants, apples, pears, plums etc developed in the Eocene Period (following the dinosaur extinction) which began 56 million years ago ending 33.9 million years ago.

    It is anthropocentric to imagine they were created for our pleasure.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Oh and don't forget the "unnatural" disasters that jehober has caused. He wiped out millions during the mythical flood, the Red Sea, the 185,000 army, and the miraculous genocide of the inhabitants of 'the promised land'.

    just saying!

  • venus

    Half Banana,

    You must again read the first sentence of my comments (“I read in between the lines, events and isms, and this is my conclusion”). When there are many conflicting isms and religions, I am under no obligation to follow any one of them; but I am free to read in between them to reach my own conclusion, and what I wrote is my conclusion. Regarding my past life, I have proof about my case. When I myself was subjected to Past Regression, I came to know that in the past life I was a Spanish nun who was finally martyred as a Franciscan Missionary of Mary which I later verified and found of its every detail as true. Also, among other things my belief in God also got confirmed through my Past Regression.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Venus, by mentioning "past regression" we are discussing a personal mental experience of yours not a familiar event for most people. The private course of one's imagination is no evidence for determining anything concrete to others.

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