News? or not news?

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  • venus


    I can give you some more examples:

    When Jesus said: Be like God in Mathew 5:48, and he was not aware of the story of Adam and Eve in which Satan is shown as making the temptation using the same wordings if you eat of that tree of good and bad, you will be like God.Besides, this story is obviously a later adoption because it is placed into a background of Abel (a shepherd) and Cain (agriculturist) living near city states (Cain himself is spoken as builder of a city) as population is not just three (Adam, Eve, and Cain with Abel dead)

    When Jesus declared:Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earthin Mathew 5:5, he also rejected much of the portion of OT where we find Jews making the claim that God had promised them land and dominion over other nations.

  • smiddy3

    Thank you for your replies venus to my questions, not that I agree with you but at least I now know where you are coming from.

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