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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Embrace this one singular truth.....there is no one singular truth. We have been where you are at. Take your time, and consider thoa to be possiblyvyour one and only life......and live it!

  • confused3426

    @sanchy yes I'm still going but been MIA these last few weeks @corrputgirl hey chica glad I been talking to you. Everyone thanks for the kind words and I definitely will be asking a lot questions and will look up the info anyone wishes to share with me.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Welcome, It is great you are in your mid 30's, my husband and I were in this org for 40 years before we were able to see the reality of what this organization is about.

    I like this site, as you are able to talk w/o fear of anyone "turning you in" (tho don't post your real name, or give too many details that would ID you, in case some elder wants to "catch you")

    As was said above, just read the topics that interest you, go slow, absorb. is another great site where you can read facts from the WT's own publications. It is very simple and straight forward (unlike the WT that can take you down 10 paragraphs, in circles to make a very unclear, double meaning point... right?)

    Enjoy your life without fear, without guilt... It is so great that you have begun a journey of happiness.

    Congrats, cha ching!

  • smiddy

    Welcome confused3426

    ",The searcher" on this forum pointed out their are something like 30 scriptures in the New testament that state Christians are to be witnesses of and for Jesus Christ and that his name is to be above all other names either in Heaven ,on Earth , or under the Earth . Phil.:2 10

    Their is no scriptures in the New Testament (Christian Greek Scriptures ) that say Christians are to be witnesses of Jehovah , not one.

    Isa 43:10-12 written well before Christianity to the Jews right ? did they ever identify themselves as Jehovahs Witnesses ? No ,were they ever chastised by Jesus for not doing so ? No

    It`s an interpretation invented by the JW religion to distinguish themselves from mainstream christianity,to set themselves apart with no basis for doing so.

    I wish you well on your journey for the real truth,take care.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome Confused. You've got a new life and a different path to walk now. Take it easy and begin to un-learn the org's falsehoods.

    You have a P.M.

    I wish you well as your eyes and mind open up to the org's controlling doctrines.

  • confused3426

    @cha ching @smiddy @the searcher and everyone else, thank you for welcoming me in, and giving me a lot helpful information to look up. It's been a bit overwhelming at times these last few weeks, to see what I've learned is not true, and just makes me sad that I believed so much for years. I will take it day by day, and do my research see with my own eyes what the Bible says and not the Bible I used for the meetings. I just need to dig deeper into scriptures.

  • menrov

    hi..this site is good. Also check, and !!

  • justmom

    I am not making any major choice right now, but I need to know the truth.

    Greetings dear confused,

    With regard to your comment above, you say you truly "need to know truth."

    We are taught in the organization that the truth is NOT a where but a WHO because we were familiar with Peter in John 6:68 when he said "WHOM shall we turn away to Lord! YOU have the sayings of everlasting life."

    So Christ IS The Truth as he says it in John 14:6 " I am the way, THE TRUTH, and the life, no one gets to the father except through me."

    So anyone else that calls themselves " the truth" is standing in the way as mediator between man and God. Putting themselves " in the seat of Moses."

    As time goes on and conversations with boyfriend, you may start " to see" a lot of things that don't make sense as I did.

    But something that I came across which was huge for me because I did not want to give up my faith in Jah was found in John 6:48-59

    I was raised that only 144,000 partake. I understand if ones calling is to be a priest and king BUT the verses here in John say the invitiaion to " eat of our Lords body and drink his blood" by eating the unleavened bread and wine is for ANYONE! Not just 144,000.

    That he gave his life for all mankind not just for 144,000.

    Not all may be priests but all mankind needs His covering and forgiveness. He said in the verses, it is the means by which one can live forever, be resurrected, or remain in union with him. And the example we have in the Israelites in the wilderness. All ate the manna and drank form the rock mass, yet not ALL were priests. They were men, women, children, even Egyptians. ( a vast mixed great crowd)

    This is something that is a huge NO-NO to JWs and it is something that I cannot NOT do!

    I know how they explain it away but there are too many false teachings that are starting to unfold and this one is huge. I need a savior and I need him 24/7 so union with him is very important regardless of whether I am chosen to be a priest or not. I want everlasting life from the source of life which is Christ.


  • Themdoubts

    Hi Confused!

    I can so relate to you, my family is still in and i'm only about a year into discovering and researching everything. It can be a massive shock when you realise what your entire life has been based around is not true and i definitely took it hard. Everyone has given you great advice here (as they did for me and I always have received clear and concise answers in my posts), so just posting to send you some love and light and always remember to go easy on yourself. It's an overwhelming road to travel but we will always be here to listen x

  • DesirousOfChange

    Welcome to what will surely become the ride of your life! Awakening to TTATT is an experience not unlike the fastest, meanest, roughest roller coaster you've ever ridden. Your emotions have already been bounced around and tossed here and there, and this is only the beginning.

    I think the best advice that can be given is: Proceed slowly. This is not a sprint. It will be a marathon of discovery. You don't have to be in a rush. Take your time. Baby steps.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don't run out and blab everything you are learning to every or any JW that you know!!! They will not listen to you!! They will just quickly conclude that you have been led away by the Devil or that you have gotten caught up in "apostate" websites and their minds will slam shut on you. Or worse, they will turn you in to the JW Gestapo for "apostasy".

    I must warn you, it's like dominos -- when the first one falls, it leads to many, many more dropping. You just now had the 1st one fall. Good luck! . . . . Doc

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