what are your thoughts on this quote from the elders book?

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  • millie210
    Disassociated Lady 2
    I was disfellowshipped a month ago because I live in the home of a retired "witch". She is no longer involved in this work and neither am I now, but they refused to believe that. I told them I cannot afford to move out and have no other options, but they believe that because I live there I must be engaging in all kinds of demonic practices. I knew there was no point in appealing as it would go against you anyway to say the elders are wrong. Ho hum!

    Too bad shes retired.... I am seeing a nice little hex on some superstitious elders.

    The fact that the whole JW religion is based on superstitions of one variety or another and that superstitious behavior is encouraged among its flock, is something I am only just now realizing.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    One of the old-style elders in our cong was Jerry Decker. He really believed in being sympathetic and understanding. Once he died and elders moved in from other parts of the country, the entire atmosphere went downhill. No more taking time to understand people. Just displays of frustration and irritation and impatience.

    Several people talked to me about the obvious changes during the months after Jerry and his family had moved to Mexico (where he died about a year later). I said "Jerry Decker is dead and these guys are what we have now."

    Those elders didn't like anyone but their own families. They were not our friends and made it plain.

  • westiebilly11

    In my own case they were prejudiced from the start. I was not prepared to cave in and apologize for something which most people would have considered to be kindness. My sin? Repaying a particularly caring carer with a meal for looking after my late wife. I was brought up to be kind and considerate to all and the elders warped perception of acts of kindness made no allowance for my 'kind nature'. Looking back, the elders could not 'show any mercy' beacuse to do so would be to admit to their own failings/shortcomings. Catch 22...Elders are aloof and unwilling or unable to mitigate their own judgmentalism....Judicial committees are thus flawed from the start........

  • sparrowdown

    The fact that the elders are trained to believe they have the right and authority to both decide and then judge what another is thinking and feeling says it all really.

  • ScenicViewer

    Iown Mylife:

    ...Jerry Decker. He really believed in being sympathetic and understanding.

    In my previous post I mentioned an elder's remark about leaning toward mercy when in doubt. It would have been in the late 1970s or early 1980s when he said that, but the modern elder's manual says the opposite.

    Like your experience with Jerry Decker, who was compassionate, I believe the elder was telling me the truth at the time. Now it seems that the organization has changed, that it has become more harsh in making judgements and is leaning away from being merciful.

    In other words, the Watchtower organization is becoming more and more controlling as time goes on.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    My sin? Repaying a particularly caring carer with a meal for looking after my late wife.

    Was that caretaker disfellowshipped or inactive?

  • Chook

    The Jw elders would be better suited to judge in an era that they drowned witches. The whole Jw judicial system is about connections, the only way to survive is to be in the know. Just like in elders book page 38 para 19 an elder can commit immorality and still keep job as elder, they sit on a judgement throne that doesn't apply to them.

  • ToesUp

    Iown Mylife

    I sent you a pm.

  • stuckinarut2

    Steve2 said it well: "To succeed as a JW, you virtually have to 'play the game' if you wish to be shown mercy because otherwise most elders would not be able to 'read' you actually are contrite."

    The society is based on Outward appearances in all matters!

  • Fisherman

    'In order to extend mercy, the committee must be convinced that the wrongdoer has a changed heart condition and that he has a zeal to right the wrong and is absolutely determined to avoid it in the future.'

    Merrcy only means not to df but discipline is still given in the form of an announcement, etc.

    Each case has to be heard but what would convince me is if the person came forward right away and confessed (given that the motive for his confession was good). If the person practiced sin for a period of time, that has to be adjudicated considering if the person was snagged or confessed; and the motive for his confession has to be decided; also to be considered is sadly regret vs repentance because of hating the wrong done, applied to the case. But bottom line, the sinner receives some form of discipline once guilt is established.

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