Do you think there is an Omnipotent, Omniscient Being that lives forever and ever?

by pistolpete 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Rocketman123

    No because there is no evidence of such a thing, but it might be possible in a world we dont completely know all about.

  • FFGhost

    Turning the question in its head a bit, I could get behind the idea of a benevolent deity that is NOT omniscient / omnipotent. Would fit a lot of religious experiences.

  • Phizzy

    The other idea you raise is that there must be a First Cause. I agree that there must be something that always existed, before our Space Time Continuum which came into existence nearly 14 billion years ago.

    But that "something" has no personality, no consciousness perhaps, and certainly is not a "Creator" as we think of one in an anthropomorphic way.

    There is no god.

  • truth_b_known

    How did you reach that conclusion, truth_b_known?

    Animals/insects have a certain level of awareness. Animals insects build structures that have function, but do not having meaning or purpose. That is to say, wildlife have been witnessed to make structures to reside in. Whereas human build structures to reside in (function), but also build structures that have purpose. Examples are structures used for religious practice (church, temple, etc.) or for education (school, university, etc.), or to maintain order (capitol, courthouse, etc.)

    Wildlife sees the structures human make. Wildlife is not aware of the purpose of the above describe structures. Wildlife can only see the functionality (a place to seek protection from elements/threats) of the structures. This is due to a lower level of consciousness/awareness.

    What I theorize is that there may be life with a higher level of consciousness than our own. As such, we may not be able to comprehend it as our own consciousness is not high enough. The problem then is how does one prove this without raising one's awareness or level of consciousness? The answer may be - you don't.

  • pistolpete
    Turning the question in its head a bit, I could get behind the idea of a benevolent deity that is NOT omniscient / omnipotent.

    I don't think I've ever heard it turned that way. But it makes for a possibility!

    Imagine a loving Father who witnesses his children burning to death in a house explosion. But because the Father is not omnipotent, he cannot just run into the house to try to save his children because he knows he will die. And because he is not omniscient, he cannot figure out how to save his children in time.

    Yes he is a benevolent Creator in that he created his children, but he is limited in what he can do for his children because he is neither All Powerful or All Knowing.

    Either way we're still Fuc*ed!

  • Phizzy

    What form would this Benevolence take from a Deity that is not omnipotent and omniscient ? merely the act of starting off creation ? or more ?

    If she or he is not omnipotent or omniscient and has limited ability in acts of benevolence, then why call her god ?

  • truth_b_known

    Benevolent meaning "well meaning and kindly" does not equal universal butler and Superman.

    People are born, get sick, feel pain, suffer, grow old, and die. Conversely people also experience joy, peace, and happiness. The are two side of the same coin - Life. You cannot eradicate one side of a coin without destroying the whole coin. That is why the Christian/JW vision of la-la land cannot be.

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