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by Grey Goose 66 Replies latest jw friends

  • brandnew

    HOLY SHITBALLS!!!!!!! thats right grey g!!!!

    Hollywood always up to no good !!!!

  • Makemeanunbeliever

    Not upset in the least. Not a joke. Very good life. Perfect, no, but whose is? Just making the point that many here can dish it out but lack the fortitude to take it in return. And correct me if I am wrong but the name of this site is not

    Therefore it is an open forum for all is it not? Are we to just tolerate those that give us a "virtual" pat on the back and not challenge us to view different perspectives, albeit opposite at times?

  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose

    Brandnew, a great username, a nod to a great punk band.

    Thanks for the advice Makeme, i'll take it on board...

    What I was getting at, is why are you here then? When if you believe the organisation is what it purports to be, then you wouldn't be here. And don't give me the "its an open forum" bullshit excuse, you know as good as anyone you would get a serious kick in the ass if your elders knew you were posting here.

  • Clambake


    Just like in the days of baal and molich worship, you are a disgusting idol worshiper who is fithy in God's eyes who has placed seven men above jesus christ.

    Your literature is unclean spiritual pornography. Your kingdom halls teach nothing but a false gospel and you offer people nothing but death.

    Your ministry is nothing but handing out but magazines you don't understand to people who don't want them so your families won't stop talking with you. It's all fake and empty . There is nothing good about you or anything you stand for.

    Your name isn't in the lambs book of life and you are marked for death.

  • karter

    Welcome Grey goose look forward to hearing more from you.

    Karter from downunder

  • ToesUp

    Grey goose. My spouse and I walked away 3 years ago. Would you mind answering. How is the meeting attendance in your area? Have you noticed declines? Thanks.

  • Stirred

    Welcome! Sounds like you are far along. Must be so hard to maintain your position. I had hard time and couldn't maintain just beg a regular pub with the crazy stuff I heard and experienced. Still working out some issues...

  • TheListener
    Welcome GG glad you posted. Three years is a long time. Thanks for the update on how some are feeling in the org.
  • jaydee
  • smiddy

    makemeanunbeliever ,

    You know you are disobeying the GB by posting on this board , and that , disobeying the GB , is a DF offence .

    So please , keep posting here

    , You may eventually learn the real truth about the JW cult religion , who are not just satisfied with the shed blood of Jesus as a sacrifice , no , they want the rank & file to shed there blood also with their ludicrous blood ban , causing deaths to young and old over decades.


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