new JW Online Bible Study Lessons

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  • slimboyfat

    What ever next? #ongoingcollapse #morphdevelopments #themoneyisrunningout

  • Londo111

    See Andre. See Andre obey. See Andre pioneer. See Andre shun. See Andre refuse blood.

  • cobweb

    Its a smart move. Its becoming less important to methodically call on everyone's door now. They can develop this recourse to be the first step to a one on one study. Get people interested with some basic taster bible courses and then say: "Do you want to know more? Enter your name and email address to arrange a more comprehensive bible course" The mountain comes to Mohammed. Less time wasting required talking to people who aren't interested.

    They could also create bible quizzes on the site and then say at the end, post your score on Facebook. Then Facebook friends would get a message saying, 'your friend scored this much on a bible quiz - see if you can beat them'.

    They could count all of this activity statistically and think of it as an aspect of the preaching work.

    With the internet the bible prophecy can be said to be fulfilled that all the inhabited earth is preached to, without having to knock on the individual doors. It might not happen like this right away but in time I think it could be where it is headed.

  • carla

    Maybe this is just a testing grounds for eventual replacement of the study edition and midweek material?-ahh, wouldn't that be lovely? no more mid week meeting and maybe they could get rid of fs too! once a week brainwashing meeting and quickly forgotten until next week? yes! that would be great!

  • Perry

    Hopefully, they are preparing for the time they will announce a complete liquidation, sell all the properties and grab as much cash as possible.

    This way they can close the doors, keep all the money while saving face.

    Slowly people will realize they have been duped.

    thats the way I see it

  • steve2

    As with the trend towards referring people to to get info on what JWs believe, this latest “initiative” reduces the need for local JWs to actively engage in “publishing”. The organization’s members are now increasingly passive in their roles in contrast to the traditional active witnessing.

    BTW, my guess is the online “Bible Study” is an impression-management Window into the world of JWs - so don’t expect the online series to acquaint prospective students with the many controversial JW teachings (eg., no blood, no voting, no birthdays, no Christmas, no fun with nonWitnesses, the need for baptism, the need to donate to the organization and the need to shun family members who question th organization).

  • sparrowdown

    Online BSs? Why am I not surprised?

  • asp59

    With the closing of KH and now this. I get the feeling they want to get away from the congregation. Or at least avoid people from district to have contact with JWs. And I thought there was so much love in the KHs😋😎

  • jp1692

    How Can I Avoid Dangers on the Internet?

    • Countless Web sites contain material that is morally corrupt and spiritually destructive.
  • sir82

    The infantilising and dumbing down just gets worse and worse.

    The infantile and the dumb are just about the only ones left who might be converted.

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