new JW Online Bible Study Lessons

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  • smiddy3

    J.W. Online Bible Study Lessons .In other words read a Bible passage that we give you and no matter what it actually say`s we will tell you what it means because we are God`s chosen people.

    And don`t question us because we are the faithful and discreet slave and the proof that we are his F&D.S is because we said so many,many years ago and Jehovah God has never contradicted us or told us otherwise.

    We have done so well with our Watchtower study articles with their question and answer responses whereby we ask the question and you answer according what is written in the paragraph we see no reason why this approach wont be just as fruitful .

    You will become a Bible informed genius in no time with our help.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great point Perry!

    Well said, and great scripture.

  • pale.emperor

    I get it. They can soon boast from their convention platform that X amount of "bible studies" were conducted last year. And also it being an online course there's no way for the student to ask their questions, reason with scripture or bring up things they found online.

    Very sneaky Watchtower.


    Good point. They can boast about how many “Bible Studies” were started and fudge the numbers.

    All they need is a handsome, David Miscavige type to take the lead...


  • MrRoboto

    Maybe this is just a testing grounds for eventual replacement of the study edition and midweek material?

    No registration and free for now. But let's be real, "each use of the site incurs a small fee & it is not free to develop and maintain such a complex system. No doubt Jehovah head already moved you to support this new arrangement with your... valuable things." and what better way for elders to keep an eye on you than having you register and record your meeting prep?

    Or maybe I'm going a bit heavy on the slippery slope here.. Time will tell.

  • ToesUp

    Who the heck needs to go to the KH or out in field serve us anymore. You can do everything online! It's preparing the rank and file to hide out in their bunker and wait for the asserians to show up. lol

    Paranoid much! lol

  • silentbuddha

    This is actually a pretty major development...

  • ttdtt

    They are about 5 years behind the Mormon Website.

  • FedUpJW

    I thought, hmmm... how is this helpful to the organization?

    The governing popes need to get their hours and B.S number up for extra bragging rights. Each B.S. will be awarded to them in proportion to their seniority as a WT pope. Then at the end of the year they will guilt the R&F with the, "If WE can do THIS MUCH and still rule over 8,000,000 peoples lives, surely YOU can DO MORE!!!"


    I guess the “ Assyrian” will ignore the S.O.P for invasion and allow Dubs to use WiFi??

    Maybe the bunkers have Jeehoogle Fiber??


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