If I were still of the anointed . . .

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, earth-bound friends:

    I guess at this point in life, given what we all now know, we no longer harbor any delusions of grandeur. My temporary insanity, which I've written about on other threads, was that assurance of being in heaven with Jehovah and Jesus and the other 143,999 kings and priests. As it ended up, that heavenly hope was quashed as quickly as it had welled up in my susceptible heart.

    This happened at Bethel, circa 1970; however, if I had held on firmly to my convictions, I could have stayed on at Bethel, biding my time, and wound up a member of the Governing Body. As far as I know, there were no worries then about being mentally diseased or unbalanced. Lots of us young brothers were heaven bound. Many of us were SRs (self-righteous).

    The heart attack I actually suffered three years ago could have taken place in Brooklyn and resulted in my death (probably induced by an untoward weight gain and sedentary lifestyle peculiar to us Guardians Of Doctrine). Since the Society has intimated that the 24 resurrected elders are directing their superior insights and theocratic directives toward Jehovah's people still on Earth, I can assure you that, today, things would be totally different in the organization, if I had any voice in heaven.

    For one, <https://www.jehovahs-witness.com> would be the Society's official mouthpiece . . .

  • Chook

    Compound put a good word in for us underlings as you rule beside jah. Have a quiet shit on Tony Morris’s throne seat. Don’t hurt your arm slaughtering all the children.

  • smiddy3

    LOL CoCo I didn`t think of you as one of the Anointed though you do have a beard and that qualifies you now as does any female anointed .

    I wasn`t aware of your heart attack back then or I don`t think I was my memory is not so good now LOL

    And I`m bloody sure if you were sitting at the right hand of JC we wouldn`t be getting the crap that is coming out of JW.org now.

    I believe you would contribute something more poetic , artistic and up building, encouraging people more to express themselves and thrive on their individualism and creativity

  • humbled


    Chook, Smiddy and Coco! I’m laughing!

    O when we believed with all our hearts... what hopes we had...,

    what delicious irreverence for the holy throne of Tony Morris .

    l will sleep now grinning

  • smiddy3

    humbled , I know I`m still trying to get my head around CoCo being one of the anointed do they allow red beards in heaven ?

    "O when we believed with all our hearts... what hopes we had.."

    So very true ,so many of us believed with all our hearts that this was the "TRUTH " only to find out otherwise after spending many years 5,10,20,30,40,50,years or more and then realize the fact that we have all been had big time.

    I think many still in are only in their because of pride not willing to accept they have been conned/duped into believing something they no longer believe and to save face or ridicule they stay their when they should be honest with themselves and get of her.

    That the JW religion is nothing more than an another American made up religion no better than the S.D.A.`s , the Mormons ., the Christadelphians ,the Christian Scientists ,A.S.G.or any other of the 40,000 christian sects of Christendom

  • paradiseseeker

    Would you mind if I asked you all how this process of "anointment" works? What explanation do you give to that?

    I've been always very curious about this topic and it was one of the reasons that kept me asleep, because I know one of them and for me was some kind of "living proof" that God existed and supported this organization.

    I've also heard about other anointed ones that left the org but in many cases they kept their heavenly call and simply moved to another religion.

    Thus, I really want to know the truth about the anointment from someone who no longer believes in it.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Very interesting CC. The only disillusional thinking I had was I wanted to study to the resurrected Abraham Lincoln. I could care less about going to heaven. After all, no sex up there. Lol. Still Totally ADD

  • stillin

    Coco, you are like the eagle. He rides the warm air currents up to almost out of sight, then he takes a straight shot in the direction of where he will spend the day hunting or mating or whatever eagles do all day. What do we lowly chickens know of the ways of the eagle?

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals
    You are STILL ANOINTED, CoCo.
    In my opinion, anyone who displays the fruits of the Spirit is anointed by the Spirit.
    You are the epitome of the Spirit's leading. The WT makes it unnecessarily complicated by insisting that unless someone agrees with their interpretation of Holy Writ, alas, no anointing.
    Romans 8 does a superb job of debunking that falsity.
    Worked for me.
    Abba Father!
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, Chook, smiddy, humbled, paradiseseeker, Still Totally ADD, stillin, and Tara, for your great thoughts (a funny ones, too). I really am just a regular guy, although my gingerness of hair would, seemingly, be a problem. Guess we gingers have to dye first!

    I cannot recall a lot of what had been my innermost sentiments of that time in life, but the heady, spiritual atmosphere of Bethel was a contributing factor.

    In answer to your question, paradiseseeker, Tara's reference to Romans 8 most certainly warrants your reading. Now, I do recall fervently mulling Paul's words over and over in my mind and heart, those of the spirit's bearing witness with our own spirit that we are God's children. In Society publications, the conviction was likened to that of a child reading a letter from Dad. Others may read his words to the child, but there's no filial connection. The son or daughter has a heart-and-mind link to Dad that no other individual could possibly possess. Somehow, my earlier dedication to Jehovah began taking on a deeper and more abiding meaning. I truly felt connected to my heavenly father. How does one explain to another person that you and Dad are unequivocally joined in spirit?

    Hope that brief explanation helps. As mentioned, I haven't thought about the deep-seated reassurance of Father-Son connection in years.

    Thanks again, all . . .

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