How to "turn the tables" on still-in witness who pry about our status.

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  • btlc

    I use to ask: "do you believe in The Bible, word of the God? If yes, please check Deuteronomy 18:18-22 and Epistle to Galatians 1:8, 9." There is plenty of examples for false predictions and "the new lights" known to rank&file JW, and to point to "the scriptures clearly said <quote from above>". That's for the start, once they start to think, i open other topics.

  • DesirousOfChange

    ". . . . so I'm waiting on Jehovah."

    That's basically what we say after stating there are issues that are of great concern and . . . . . .

    If they prod, I ad it wouldn't be right to gossip about it or say something that could be discouraging to others.

    Occasionally, I'll add that "we're just not waiting IN the KHall." (with a smile)

    It let's people assume we've been "stumbled" and allows our peaceful "fade".

  • steve2

    What the Fall Guy said:

    "Thanks for your concern, but I have private & personal concerns which I can't discuss with anyone at the moment."

  • blondie

    We rarely see jws around town. Just recently we ran into one who asked, "are you happy?" which we responded, "yes, the happiest we have ever been." They changed the topic to updates in their family, marriages, babies, deaths. We know they aren't happy.

    I feel I am never obligated to supply personal information to anyone. When they ask I say, "why are asking such a personal question?" If they say they are concerned, I say, "then why haven't we heard from you for 20 years (we live in the same area and are neither df'd or da'd"

  • sparrowdown

    I've never had a JW pry about my status because I have never met one honest enough to actually ask what they are dying on the inside to know. These days if I ever find myself in the vicinity of a JW "friend" I know well and the JW decides to talk to me I say pre emptively right off the bat " you know I don't go to meetings anymore, right." Usual reponse is "Oh I don't care about that" says the person that quit talking to me the second rumours about my JWness became suspect. This bold-faced lie of "not caring" is followed by a nervous laugh and an excuse to go.

    I am not ashamed of not going and I want them to be absolutely clear I will not be playing their JW games of "let's pretend to nice while I fish for info..."

    These people will gaslight you to your face. I can't do anything with that.

  • LongHairGal


    It’s been a while since I ran into JWs in the store..I have been out a long time and had few friends there so anybody I run into would only be an acquaintance, if that.

    Even though I would have a pleasant expression on my face, I have no desire to initiate conversation at this point. I don’t like these people and have no interest in them..If they would ask if I am “active”, I would say “No”..Anything further on their part asking if I am going back, I would say “No, but thanks for your concern”. Then I would look at my watch and say “take care. I have to go”.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great replies!

    And Flipper you make a good point about "bible trained or God-given conscience".

    YES! My conscience IS better than those. (we don't tolerate the horrific things of the bible)

    I suppose I just used that expression to soften the comment.

    But it would be better to simply say "My moral conscience prevents me....."

    Thanks for your suggestion of this Flipper.

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