Did anyone catch the irony in the December JW Broadcast?

by sir82 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • prologos
    But she wasn't - she said her parents "learned the truth" when she was 10 years old, so that would be 1919.

    sorry Sir, I can not watch these wt production, did not know these details.

    I was thinking before the re-baptism new light of wt, when a baby baptism in another church would be still valid, and all wt members were anointed before 1935. Another unknown anointed jw born a few years earlier, with her longevity, would get the overlappers past 2100. if faithfull, and if they are inured to wt's new light flip flops and doctrines. What they believe does not matter to them really, , and why should it?, it is after all, only talking snake talk follow-up anyway.

  • Ding

    Born in 1909?

    See, the generation of 1914 has by no means passed away!

    (However, I do believe she has grown very old in this system of things...)

  • pale.emperor

    On the very rare occasions that my family will talk to me I tell them "one day when you're 80 lying in s hospital bed looking back at the 50 years you spent shunning me you'll realise what a massive waste of time it was"

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