Governing body giving false alarm as a watch dog

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  • NotFormer

    Longlivetherenegades, it's an interesting argument against the mainstream churches. "They don't set dates for the end. We do. That makes us right and them wrong". It's especially fascinating when you consider that the WT had already set several dates that had later proved to be false by this stage. And it's possible that 1975 was already brewing in the minds of some at Bethel, especially if they did the numbers on when the "prophetic calendar" would run out.

    The tone deafness is amazing. Was there not the slightest amount of self-awareness or humility within the author of this piece? Did they not see the audacity, the sheer hubris?

    How many people who read that article, warning of impending doom, in 1952, are still alive?

  • Longlivetherenegades

    @ Notformer

    Exactly, they were carrying out lawlessness, lies and manipulations on two front

    1. Geoffrey Jackson shows they are equally dumb like the mainstream Christians they call dumb dogs since they are versatile in giving false alarms.

    2. Gerrit read out a long list of false predictions made by members of other Christian denominations as far back as year 500 C. E even before the existence of Watchtower about the end of the system of thing yet the writer of that watchtower turned a blind eye to manipulate and lie that the other religious organization are dumb and false religious group for keeping silent and not warning people.

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