My last Memorial

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  • amicabl

    Loved the video. Right on the mark.

    For many decades I used to think I was the only person in existence who saw how ridiculous the whole ceremony was.

    I met a bro and sis at the Sunday flea market this morning, really nice people who want me to attend the memorial this year. I calmly explained that I feel we are all Christ’s Brothers and that I would have to partake and it would cause comment.

    Bro said that I should partake if I felt that I should. Sis did everything except embrace me to encourage me to come.

    They are genuinely nice people but I realise that they are are totally deluded. This causes so much emotional pain all around.

    I have come to really loath the organisation but I still realise that I have to continue with my softly softly approach in order to help people.

    It isn’t easy being one of exjws.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    Theonly memorial that was different to me was the one when I got a hand job.

    Was that a bribe or a reward?

  • Gorbatchov

    Remember Fred Franz did not mention the other sheep at all during his memorial part.


  • jookbeard

    Smiddy3 looks like we left at the same time!

  • Phizzy

    I went to my last one in 2008, so Tenth Anniversary ( Tin ) coming up !

    We will celebrate by going out early evening for a meal, knowing we shall not meet a single JW !

  • Crazyguy

    John chapter 6:53 says if you don’t eat or drink the emblems you won’t have eternal life. That’s pretty plain and simple. If I was a bible believer I would say that at Armageddon all JWs will be destroyed for rejecting jesus and his instructions !

  • stillin

    I wonder if they will be using the big tv screens for visual effects this year. Jesus didn't have that.

    Funny! We don't remember how to park our cars on that wondrous night!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i guess my very last waste of an evening would have been in 1980. i used to attend these pointless dubfests once in a while to keep the wife sweet. but by the beginning of 1981 she had filed for divorce.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    60 years? How do people manage to stay in the religion for so long? I was born-in and was gone before my teens were over, I can't imagine still being in even now, let alone into my 60s, that'd be another 30 years of it, I couldn't possibly cope

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