A very dangerous thing happen to us two weeks ago. It could have meant our life.

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Jan I understand the point you are making. But when you have so many shooting deaths done by the police in this country of people who are not armed it's a little scary when you see over dozen police walking towards you with guns pulled on you. I truly respect what our law enforcement does for us but it only takes one to fire their gun mistakenly. With so many guns in this country I can see why they are on high alert. Also the 911 call they got before my wife called them was a women firing a gun. So they came on the seen fully armed and ready to shoot.

    For me that was more scary than seeing a man laying on the ground with a pool of blood under his head. All of it is a experience I would not wish on anyone. Still Totally ADD

  • jhine

    That is what meant , l understood you being scared BECAUSE so many people are shot by the police and to me it seems odd that the police are as scary as the bad guys , if not scarier .


  • Wakanda

    OMG. How terribly traumatic. Glad you guys are safe. Take care.

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