Do you know anything about Live Kingdom Hall?

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  • blondie

    But you seem to have the password to sign on.

  • Hecce

    Some of the operating instructions:

  • joe134cd

    Sorry to change the subject slightly. I've just shared this link with my father, to be told they have always streamed the meetings live. Just wondering if anyone off the top of their head knows of a quote where they were slamming this very same thing about televising the meetings over the inter net. Would prefer a quick response as I want to get back to him while it's freshly on his mind.

  • Hecce


    I don't have an answer to your question, streaming of the meetings was just audio, now is audio and video. Some friends have told me that the system has been used for some times in places like Spain, I only know what they told me.

    Some elders don't like the arrangement because it tends to decrease the physical attendance to the meetings, however people online record how many are listening and they are added.

    If I have see some previous negative comments i will post it.

  • sparrowdown

    Yep, can see this becoming the next big thing in Witnessworld. It will be an excellent way to keep big brother eyes on the meetings. If there are far fewer KHs in the future then streaming meetings makes sense logistically also.

    Lol. Although, is calling anything that happens at the KH "live" giving the meetings way too much credit. When I last attended it wasn't clear if there was even a collective pulse amongst them. Can zombies be considered "live"?

  • moreconfusedthanever

    That is interesting since when you stop attending meetings you get lectured on not forsaking the gathering together to incite to love and fine works blah blah blah.

  • darkspilver

    Hi Hecce

    I understand all the live STREAMING - audio and video - is done privately, not through the WT.

    Most 'first world' halls nowadays seem to have an audio stream set up - previously this was a landline telephone link-up, but now lots stream live over the internet using various 'private' apps especially designed for KH streaming - this way you get actual video of your OWN congeagtion.

    Some KH's I believe use youtube to live stream to an invited audience - see below example.

    Remember, those listening or watching the meeting live can be counted as meeting attendance (good incentive for elders to get it orking to improve attendance numbers!!)

    This is in contrast to the video meeting RECORDINGS that are WT official.....

    The BoE letter you should read is:

    BoE October 22, 2015 - Re: Use of JW Stream

    These video files, recorded live at various 'real-life' KHs are WT official and are made available by the WT through their website (these congregation meeting videos are NOT streamed live, but are available to view online 'on-demand' or as mp4 files to download)

    The files are available for up to a week, before they are deleted and replaced by the next meeting.

    Every month or so the congregation location is changed. There are individual video recordings for each language (yes, hundreds of them, including sign-language).

    The videos are sometimes (unintentionally) funny as they really are just a bog-standard congregation and it is all effectively unrehearsed - it is a very real standard meeting, mistakes and all

    Below is an example 'private' video stream, not from WT:

  • Hecce

    Thanks darkspilver, no question that I will have to improve my personal study program; all the information and details that you are providing went by me and I am seeing this as something new.

    From what I read I think that this private arrangement is an extension of the original streaming; there is money involved since the congregation is paying a fee for the service.

    Thanks for all the good points.

  • darkspilver

    Hecce - the congregation's own live recording / streaming either on physical media (previously on a 'cassette' tape (?) or usb stick) or via a telephone 'link' or via an internet 'stream' (such as an app) is a private arrangement between the congregation and who they deal with to provide the service - obviously there are 'brothers' who buy-in the set-up and then build a bespoke service which is then 're-sold' to individual congregations.

    And, of course, the incentive for the above 'live' listening is that all those listening can be counted as meeting attendance.

    You will have already seen the WT videos - either the convention or assembly videos - the congregation meeting videos are just an extension of those.

    In addition, when a new language group is being set-up, the WT allows the group to use the foreign-language meeting videos as part of the group's actual meetings in a limited way.

    BoE, October 23, 2015 - Re: Foreign-Language Field

    Paragraph 14: Recordings and Audio and Video Tie-In: It is preferable for congregation meetings to be conducted locally. However, if such is not yet possible, a pregroup, group, or small congregation may request approval from their circuit overseer to view recorded meetings or portions of meetings in the target language, preferably using JW Stream. (In most cases, the meetings available on JW Stream will be recorded on Monday evening and Saturday morning. Thus, pregroups, groups, and small or isolated congregations desiring to make use of such recordings should hold their meetings at times that will allow them to view the current week’s recordings.) The circuit overseer will approve which pregroups, groups, or small or isolated congregations in his circuit will view such recordings and to what extent. Some congregations may request approval to use the provision occasionally for the public talk. If a small or isolated congregation is approved to view recorded meetings periodically, it should strive to conduct all of its own meetings as soon as possible. As a reminder, when making use of recordings, prayers should be said locally.
  • Hecce

    darkspilver: thanks once again, your explanation is very complete.

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