Why Did Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009?

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  • titch

    Ahhhhh, yes, WT Wizard, rehashing old "birther conspiracies" from years ago. Do you really believe that Barack Obama was NOT born in the United States territory, specifically, the Territory of Hawaii, and was born in Kenya? If that is true, that he was NOT---I repeat---NOT born in the United States, but in some foreign country, then how, may I ask you, did he ever get elected to the United States Senate, representing the State of Illinois? Hmmm? Care to answer that? I am not a scholar of the U.S. Constitution, however, I HAVE downloaded and printed out several versions of the document. And, according to the Constitution, in order for a person to be elected to the U.S. Senate, a person must be at least 30 years old, AND a person has to be a Citizen of the United States for at least 9 years. Got that? A citizen for at least 9 years. So, if Barack Obama had NOT been a U.S. Citizen for at least 9 years, how is it that he ever got elected to the U.S. Senate? Care to explain that? Now, it is my understanding that if a person was NOT born in the United States, they can still be elected to the Senate, IF---IF---they have been a U.S. Citizen for at least 9 years. And, Citizenship would have come about by being "naturalized", or taking the Oath of Citizenship, in either a group setting, or on an individual setting, by taking that oath before a judge. So, if that is how Obama became a U.S. Citizen, by taking the Oath before a judge, then where is the documentation, the "paper trail" that shows that he took the oath of citizenship, after taking some kind of "citizenship classes"? So, for that matter, is there anyone...ANYONE---who questioned Obama's citizenship status, when he ran for the U. S. Senate when he did? Would you care to put forth some proof that his citizenship status WAS questioned when he ran for Senator from Illinois? So, you honestly believe that Mr. Obama not only "bluffed and cheated" his way into the United States Senate, but, later on, also "bluffed and cheated" his way into the Presidency. Is that what you really believe?

    Best Regards, all. Titch.

  • MeanMrMustard
    I believe it was more for what Obama represented than anything specific he had accomplished, other than being elected President.

    Sweet. So we can all drop the white privilege stuff?

  • recovering

    Hmm does not seem like his face had a thing to do with their decision!

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