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    Oh, that's easy - C of E.

    The Anglican faith is moderate - no shunning, refusing blood transfusions, death for apostasy - and fits in well with secular society.

  • Awakenednow

    Loving yoga and it's diversity. Gods symbolize forces of nature so ... go meditation! Haha Hari Krishna but no street witnessing...so done with that !

    been to a non-denom. Grace Christian that I really like and I enjoy watching Joseph prince when he's explaining Jesus in the Old Testament types and the New covenant . Learned more bible truths watching his broadcast then reading watchtowers 40 years. I don't agree with everything he says such as hell stuff and I'm extremely cautious of personality cults but I've never heard a more beautiful revelation of Ruth and Boaz, the prodigal son and the organization of the twelve tribes around the tabernacle, priestly functions and garment meanings, etc. if any enjoy those topics... check them out. I also read the Christ Conspiracy which gives some evidence that the Bible is a history book of astrological symbols in a couple "zodiacal ages"... pretty interesting.

    Ive also discovered the physicist mathematician Nassim Haraseim, and his u-tube videos about sacred geometry are fascinating. He talks about the pyramids, ark of covenant in the context of geometry. He has recently done a movie with Patrick Stewart narrating about the consciousness of the universe. He Solved/unified the divide between quantum and relativity models with a unification equation and recently was published in peer reviewed science so he's the real deal and the movie is excellent !

    I know that's not one religion, so I'm gonna say I'm just gonna keep on learning as much as i can and not get all caught up in someone else's absolutes. So Romans 1:20...

  • Scully

    I'm atheist. It chose me, I didn't choose it - it was the result of realizing that almost all religions are for sheep who needed someone or something to follow.

    My philosophy is grounded in love, kindness, dignity, respect (for myself and others). Secular humanism seems to fit those criteria rather nicely.

  • jws

    I'm agnostic - there *could* be something out there we might call a god, but the bible ain't it. And I don't want to follow any religion.

    But a test I took once on which religion fits me best said I should be a Buddhist.

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