Update Please on Reasons for KH Sales

by snugglebunny 12 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • jookbeard

    cash and grab, shrinking attendances, ageing membership which peaked decades ago in the nations that matter, they will never experience those "glory days" again, the organisation is fading away into obscurity, a fact that cant be denied

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    You're right Beth Sarim, it is a cash and grab racket.

    First they got the bros. to use only Watchtower funded insurance for each KH back in the early eighties, making it easier to get hold of the deeds or titles to all of the properties, which they did a bit later. By about 1986 they claimed ownership of all the KHs (and by so doing became a hierarchical religion or "organised religion" with centralised governance and ownership of all the assets--a thing they had railed against for decades in other organised religions). Then they announced their magnanimity in relieving the congregations of their mortgages to the society but demanded the same amount of payment in perpetuity. This situation then left the congregations with a permanent debt for the amount of their old mortgage even if they had just about paid it off-- plus the likelyhood of having the KH sold without either a say in the matter or any financial compensation. Aah but it's for the Kingdom............... or is it?

    Now we are seeing the grab, selling off kingdom halls which they cunningly levered off the old congregations and creaming off the profits.

    It a masterpiece of stealthy accounting tricks courtesy of the JW governing body.

  • LV101

    They clearly have some good outside business legal/accountants guiding them -- very pricey! Hope the child abuse legal dream teams/wrongful death firms (non blood issues) are on their game.

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