Why are Humans so Obsessed with trying to find Meaning in Ancient Writings that they waste their life on and are willing to die for ?

by smiddy3 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • pepperheart

    people can become obsessed about anything xbox games, playing sports, watching sports, going to the gym etc

  • Finkelstein

    The core problem is that they believe in a supernatural creator and certain religious organizations proclamation that god has chosen them, therefore it wise and profitable to be in strict adherence to these organizations ... ie JWS.

    The fact is the ancients told mythological stories about the world in which they lived out of necessity based from their own inherent ignorance, as well to identify themselves as a recognized civilization to their select god(s)

  • smiddy3

    James Mixon I believe you can get pretty high on mushrooms and so could be convinced the meaning of life is somehow shown to you in hallucinations ,I get that , but turnips ?

    LOL that tickled my fancy

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