Stephen Lett will be present at our next assembly.

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  • StarTrekAngel

    A letter was read to the congregation last Sunday. I wasn't paying much attention until I heard Stephen Lett will be delivering a talk. At first I thought it would be as a recorded video, as it was in the last assembly. However, after the letter was posted to the board, I went back and re- read it twice to make sure I understood correctly. Letter says we will have a visitor, a branch representative (branch is literally the word in the letter). Later in the paragraph, we are encouraged to invite our loved ones or any other bible studies we may have to hear the talk by "the representative from the branch, Stephen Lett, member of the goberning body"

    Seems pretty clear to me he will be there in person. I have always been curious as to how these people are treated and how they travel around to assemblies. Specially to smaller ones like this one. This assembly will be held at the AH of La Feria, TX. The auditorium does not hold more than 7000 people. I remember attending the last International Convention in Houston (2014), at the Reliant Stadium. Geoffrey Jackson attended. The entrances to the stadium, specially the stairs up to the suites, where heavily guarded. You could tell there was plenty of people up in the private suites. This AH does not have much in special accommodations other than a small apartment where the CO lives.

    The talk is supposed to be at 2:30 PM. For those who have insight into how this is handled in the backstage. At what time could he be arriving or leaving? Would he be there for the whole thing or just the day of his talk? Ideally, I would like to be prepared to take a video if I see something interesting. Again, just in case. This is like astronomy, you never know what you are going to discover. I may not discover anything but if I am not prepared, I won't for sure.

  • sir82

    Visiting speakers are typically at these things for the whole day.

    This gives them time to take care of important matters such as (1) receiving dozens if not hundreds of "green handshakes", (2) stoking up their egos as dozens if not hundreds of slack-jawed googly-eyed swooning JWs line up to have their photos taken with one of the Magnificent 7, (3) being wined and dined afterward by the wealthiest, most prestigious JWs in the circuit at the swankiest restaurant in town.

    You should join the line that will assuredly form for the opportunity to kiss his ring, er, shake his hand. When it is your turn, ask him if Red Skelton was a relative.

  • freemindfade

    lucky you!

    we want to see lots of pics like this

  • eyeuse2badub

    At least you can get a good laugh at ol' rubber face if you can bear to look at him that is.

    just saying!


  • TimDrake1914

    Here in San Diego, we had Tight Pants Tony come and give a talk at our Circuit Assembly (Spanish circuit, using a translator for his talks) about 2 or 3 years ago. Since this was before JW Broadcasting, GB members didn't yet have the type of "celebrity status" they enjoy these days, so most things were pretty low key. From what I remember, he sat towards the front of the Assembly Hall, but still in the general seating area, close to where the backstage area could be accessed. He was available for people to go and say hi to him and his wife and take pictures with them. But he got the same type of reception that most other Branch reps usually got. But since he doesn't appear very "personable", I think most people didn't feel too inclined to go out of their way to go up to him and greet him. From my experience, at least in our circuit, if the speaker was really good and looked very personable, people would make an effort to go up to them after the assembly and say hi. With Tony's case, before the assembly was over, they made it a point to say that Tony would not be available after the assembly to go up to and greet him, since they had to fly out right away and head back to NY. To me, that sounded like BS since I had heard from someone else that he wasn't due to fly out until the next day. So I assumed he just didn't want to stick around too long after it was over.

    The only other time we had a GB member come and visit was for the Assembly Hall re-dedication (after a thorough re-model). I think this might have been before JW Broadcasting as well, but the crowd was a mixture of both English and Spanish speaking congregations. Stephen Lett came down for that, and he got quite a different reception. After the program was over, he was swarmed by a huge group of people, as if he was a rock star. People were pretty much just trying to get close to take a picture with him. It was a mob scene really. I'm sure he probably didn't feel comfortable with it, and I'm pretty sure he got this type of reception because most people find him "personable" and just eat up the way he gives talks.

  • Finkelstein

    Being that the GB get to travel around the world on the WTS money and get their asses kissed and applauded as celebrities, no wonder these fellows want to keep the organization going, the WTS is also their retirement portfolio.

    So is it so surprising that these guys propagate bullshit whenever they talk on certain matters, being faithful to the organization is actually being faithful to themselves, to all what they absorb out the organization..

    They are in position to set out self serving propaganda and any information that selectively supports themselves and the organization which they represent. It may not be god's organization but its certainly theirs.

  • steve2

    Well guys, I can better that: I went to a big assembly in New Zealand in the early 1970s: 1973 international convention from memory. Brother Theodore (Ted) Jaracz, one of the most powerful members of the Governing Body, gave not one, but two talks. The more than 12,000 in attendance were rapturous, utterly convinced we were standing on the very edge of Armageddon.

    If the audience could have breathed fire, the atmosphere would have been incandescent with zeal. Those were the days of enthusiastic organization-wide expansion and phenomenal growth of publishers.


    See if he has a pinky ring and an apple watch! Ask him if he reviews the WT articles before they are printed, or is that not his department?

    DD 😁

  • StarTrekAngel
    Ours is a Spanish assembly as well. Is quite small for such a celebrity to attend but this is a circuit were growth may be more evident than others. However, it makes me wonder. Partly because most people outside of this border area (even as close as Austin), think we live in a war zone. I've heard it more than once.
  • antes8080

    @tim I remember that visit of the one they call tight pants tony. If I remember and I'm still looking for that thread. Is that someone mention here he was coming to San Diego. Tigh pants tony mentioned it during his talk that there was many apostates in San Diego. He dint say hi to the friends because he was afraid of an apostate attack. For lunch he just went to the Apartment they have at Escondido.

    I do remember when Lett came to the dedication. He only said to not put pictures on social media.

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